Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Search for MinerBumping, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... A disgruntled alt of Princess Minmitan named Spiritualhawk... Actually, I'll let Agent Alana Charen-Teng give you the recap:

And the link to Part 1.

Spiritualhawk was able to track down MinerBumping's domain registration to one of the world's largest domain registration companies. But to get past their cryptography, she needed special equipment. The kind of equipment she could only acquire from a random friend of hers.

After running down her mental checklist, Spiritualhawk became optimistic about her chances.

As time wore on, Kamio came to doubt Spiritualhawk's proficiency. Could she win them over?

But everything hinged on Spiritualhawk's friend, who was not presently on good terms with her for some reason. I can't imagine why.

Upon further reflection, Spiritualhawk decided her plan might not work. But she had a backup plan. Still spider-tanking mercenaries? Or something that requires a lot of bookmarks?

After Part 1 of this series was posted, Spiritualhawk returned to Kamio, claiming to know my true identity.

Some days, my "accept all convos" policy really gets put to the test.

For the record, I own exactly one account.

I asked Spiritualhawk to tell me how she supposedly figured out my "main", and she embarked on a circuitous route to get there. She made no sense, but only because she was fitting a ship while typing.

At last, she pulled the trigger. Was I someone named "SEV"? Nope. James 315 is my main. Spiritualhawk was disappointed.

She had some other plans of how she might accomplish some task, but had trouble articulating the plans, and what the task was. No doubt some great opportunity was lost that day.


  1. LOL at the pretend hacker

    Random google terms doth not a hacker make, while a 980x is indeed an I7 running 6 cores and 12 threads, Spiritualhawk was pretty far out on the rest of it, the term LDOS actually refers to Logical Disk Operating System which is circa 1978 (TRS80 I believe) and WRT (they missed the DD-)is not a firewall, it's an opensource linux based firmware, which includes a firewall, for various domestic quality broadband routers that adds features only normally found in routers costing several hundreds of dollars.

    I think Iliam Weiss was pretty much bang on with his comment about random google garbage.

    1. Working as lead network engineer for a major ISP I was quite entertained by the Hollywood movie script jargon being thrown around like a poor remake of the movie Hackers.

      I got it maybe LDOS in her instance stands for Lying Denial of Service! :)

    2. Random google garbage would explain the usage of terms from Neuromancer, rather than anything actually real

  2. So I spent the night in High Sec with James 315 and his merry band of cronies. I got my ten hour alt her first taste of Ice Miner Blood and then spent the nigh exhorting the locals to give up the shackles of the tyranny of ice.

    At the end of the night I had a Scorpion, a Pilgrim, an Arazu, a Mach and a rifter all yellow boxing my unarmed Magnate. i begged one of them, any of them to pull the trigger. Press F1 and murder me.

    No one did. :smith:

    1. They were yellow boxing my stabber as well. How rude!

  3. i wonder if anyone types stuff just to get attention?
    i'll have to consider that


    p.s. thanks for the lulz.


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