Saturday, December 8, 2012

The New Order Survives the New Bounty System

Remember all those highsec miners who thought they would finally be able to defeat the New Order once the new bounty system arrived? This is normally where I would post some links, but I would probably need to link every other post in the blog from the past couple months. But I will post a quick link to the post I made in October, in which I fully explained how the system would actually change things. Few carebears bothered to read it, it seems.

Since the Winter Expansion was put into effect, people have had plenty of fun placing bounties on each other. And our enemies wasted no time in putting bounties on the humble Saviour of Highsec. The notifications tell you who put each bounty on you, but I didn't recognize any of their names. Alts, perhaps?

Within a few days, rebel miners put bounties on me totaling 371 million isk that could have gone toward mining permits. Though you can't game the system like the previous version, this new bounty is arguably less collectible for a bounty hunter. Even if it were possible to destroy my Invincible Stabber, the payout would be something like 16 million isk.

Needless to say, the New Order has been totally unaffected by the game mechanic that was purportedly the rebels' salvation. But it also seems the rebels themselves aren't too happy about the effect it's had on them. Mike Therock Czyngirkas is an inhabitant of the Abudban system. One of our Agents has kept an eye on our old vacation home. It continues to produce miner tears.

Back when we lived in Abudban, Mike used to hurl jibes and insults at us. It was a costly mistake, as resistance to the New Order always is.

These screencaps would need to be stretched a little beyond where MinerBumping wants to go, so we'll use text from here on out:
Mike Therock Czyngirkas > I started playing Eve to help take my mind off my back injury that has stopped me from working and continuing an ordinary life. I have been able to sustain my account through the generosity of my wife.
Just after I retire the "disabled war veteran" Bingo square, comments like these start coming out of the woodwork.
Mike Therock Czyngirkas > But why is it that I am being bullied by a deep p[ocket individual for some typed words?
Mike Therock Czyngirkas > You know who you are in New Order and I know who you are too.
Mike Therock Czyngirkas > Thankyou for your efforts to corrupt the game play of individuals because they do not fall in with your idea of fair play
Mike Therock Czyngirkas > I have had 3 pod kills in 3 days and another bounty has been placed.
Mike's tears continued to flow. Sounds to me like the bounty system is working as intended, if it's getting people to hunt him down. But why are so many people able to catch his pod in highsec?
Mike Therock Czyngirkas > The bounties are being placed by individuals that are inleague with this individual
Mike likes the word "individual" a lot. I don't know who's putting the bounties on him, but whoever it is, I'm happy to be in a league with him.
Mike Therock Czyngirkas > I may not be able to sustain much more abuse to my gaming rights and could end up scrapping 2 years of hard work.
Amon Vess > Get into no implants clone -> have a friend/alt pod you?
Sansid > that too
Mike Therock Czyngirkas > your suggestions will not outmanouver this persons big wallet
Fra Hrondedir > who did you piss off? Chribba?
Mike Therock Czyngirkas > I am glad to announce that a member of the New Order is behind this. It justifies all that I have said about the organisation from the start.
Emergent gameplay is a very fine thing. If that's a crime, then I plead guilty as charged!
Mike Therock Czyngirkas > High sec should be a place to learn in rel;ative safety
Mike Therock Czyngirkas > I am still a relative noob to this game as a lot of my time is solo missions and ratting.
This comment made me curious, so I looked him up: Mike's been in EVE since October 2011. Possibly he has an older alt, given his earlier reference to "2 years of hard work". He still feels entitled to a safe learning zone. But when you think about it, aren't we helping him learn? After this remark, Sansid suggested Mike move to another system.
Mike Therock Czyngirkas > why should I have to move?
Mike Therock Czyngirkas > He came here and started pestering miners
Mike Therock Czyngirkas > I admit I am beaten and purely for making a friend with Capt Lynch
Amon Vess > Sir, I do hope you're just trolling. Otherwise the year you've been subbed to this game couldn't have been a very pleasant one.
Mike Therock Czyngirkas > He has been systematically taken out ad the same is happening to me.
Good old Capt Lynch. I'm not familiar of the connection between the two, but it's true that Capt is kind of radioactive. Goon leader Powers Sa made a thread on EVE-O asking for suggestions on players to bounty, which immediately resulted in a quarter-billion isk bounty being placed on Capt Lynch.
Mike Therock Czyngirkas > There are a number of you out there who know exactly what is going on. Please let end and let us get back to playing a great game.
Mike Therock Czyngirkas > That is all I have to say thank you for reading
Yohana Des > hey mike I just popped into this system and that really sounded like someone who has gone off there meds :-)
I think most honest observers would say highsec only became great when the New Order injected life into it. Rather than engaging in a debate about that, there was medication talk.

I'm not a doctor or anything, but it seems to me that we live in an over-medicated society. We rely too much on pills and too little on the good old-fashioned, commonsense remedies of the past--like bumping and ganking. Let us return to our roots.

Mike's monologue in Abudban local only rewarded him with a new bounty. At this point, he began copy-pasting his bounty notifications into local. I did not recognize any of the names, and the bounties were all for small amounts.

I've come to the conclusion that the bounties probably didn't come from any of our Agents. However, I now consider Sukie Loober, Vaju Enki, and Amon Vess to be friends of the New Order. Let's continue the crusade against bot-aspirancy, in whatever form it may take!


  1. James, you should add a counter on the top of the page that shows how many mining permits could be purchased with the bounty money currently placed on you.

  2. "bad back" "pain meds" "war vet" "miner bumping" "bounties"

    this guy is a whinger. both in game and IRL. he needs to swallow some cement and HTFU.

  3. Mike displays the steadfast refusal to adapt that typifies the worst high sec miners. He won't move system, he won't pay attention to his pod even after repeated ganks, and he won't purchase a mining permit. He has played for a year or two but still considers himself a noob and somehow has trouble earning millions. It is clear he has experienced very little of the game he claims to love.

    Perhaps a benevolent member of the New Order could direct him to the article about creating a ganking alt. Spreading the altruistic message of the New Order could be just the Catalyst (heh) he needs to broaden his Eve experience, and the feel good factor of educating other miners and casting off his solo play style would surely help his mental health.

  4. I fear this may encourage more bounties for poor old Mike. I fear the worst for him :)


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