Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hauling Options, Anyone?

I have a feeling one of my Agents or readers may be able to help me out with something. There's been some buzz about our plan to create an army of Catalyst ganker alts. As I mentioned a couple posts ago, we'll be relocating to Kamio on Sunday and will stay there for awhile. Some industrialists have offered to build Catalysts and ganking equipment there (or close by).

In addition, I've had two individuals offer to donate large numbers of Catalysts to the cause. Those ships will be located in trade hubs (Rens and Dodixie). It probably won't surprise you all to learn that I can't fly any large industrial ships, so I have no way to transport the Catalysts personally.

What's a good option here? Courier contracts with large collateral? Leave your suggestions in the comments or shoot me an EVEmail. This issue may come up again in the future. I intend to stay in the Kamio/Halaima area for awhile, but the next time we make a big move, we'll want to be able to relocate large numbers of ships easily.


  1. Just red frog it.

  2. Seconding Red Frog.

    -Johnny Aideron

  3. Thirdening Red Frog.

  4. I can fly an Obelisk.

    If you want to buy me one :)

  5. I'll be near highsec in my carrier this week & can jump a whole lot of fitted gank ships close to systems of choice.

  6. Z-B has a fleet of five Providence freighters that shall be put at the disposal of the New Order should the need ever arise, as well as a pair of Arks (though what purpose the New Order would ever have for a JF I cannot fathom at this time).

    As I have declared support for the New Order not only for myself but for all members of the Z-B, we shall do our best to answer any logistics requests put to us.


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