Monday, December 24, 2012

Receiving Ganks Gracefully, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... A permit-holder who refused to put a pledge of loyalty in her bio got killed by a ganker gang that didn't know she had paid. She initiated a private convo with one of the gankers, demanded money from him, and repeatedly insulted him. The ganker was Currin Trading.

The miner claimed she had evidence that she had been told a loyalty pledge was unnecessary. She produced an EVEmail that simply linked MinerBumping, the very blog on which I write so frequently about loyalty pledges.

alphaliam had never heard of the loyalty pledges before, but claimed to be well-versed with everything on the site.

Out of nowhere, she declared herself the winner of the argument and ordered me to give her money.

I reminded her that although she had paid an Agent 10 million isk, she was still in violation of the Code for other reasons.

Despite her insult--another Code violation--I chuckled a bit at her excuse for not putting a "gf" in local. Despite the humor, she was dead wrong: She claimed she couldn't congratulate me, the ganker, even as she spoke to me in the private convo.

alphaliam had long since abandoned the next Code provision I quoted to her.

She offered a new deal: She'd put the "crap phrase" on her bio, if I paid her 270 million isk.

I rejected the deal out of hand. We do not pay people to pledge their loyalty to us. We do not hire mercenaries; we accept people who come to us out of genuine belief. If they do not believe, they must change their beliefs.

Next, alphaliam accused me of being ignorant of the Code, and declared herself the winner of the argument again.

With a casual remark, alphaliam dismissed the importance of hundreds of lovingly crafted MinerBumping blog posts.

Immediately after claiming she read MinerBumping in detail, she let slip the fact that she had no idea Currin Trading is my ganker alt. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it on the blog before. And I'm very sure that lying to the Supreme Protector is against the Code.

alphaliam exercised her right to appeal the case all the way to the top.

After one final insult, alphaliam ended the convo. I waited for her to send me an EVEmail, but she never did. Her case therefore remains in limbo. But what should other miners take away from this conversation? Must a Code-compliant miner put a pledge of loyalty in his or her bio?

The answer is yes. I could add a provision to the Code stating that fact, but it's not necessary. The pledge requirement, plainly, is already written into the Code. It emanates from the "Please, don't be Goofus" clause. Therefore, every miner should be aware that mining in highsec while not wearing a pledge of loyalty in their bio makes them subject to termination without further warning.

But what about miners who fear retaliation?

christin back was bumped by a rogue who acted against Code-compliant miners. But she has no cause for complaint. The New Order has destroyed roughly 70 billion isk of non-compliant miner ships and implants. We have also bumped more miners than the rest of EVE combined. We are the greatest power in highsec. If you're a miner and you're afraid about rebels acting against you, don't be. Instead, be afraid of what we will do to you if you violate the Code.

One Order, One Code, One Saviour of Highsec. Make no mistake.


  1. so.. do you guys just go around extorting miners across the galaxy? i've never run into you all before but if you're trying to target afk miners then me sure to message them first before shooting. plenty of honest miners don't pay attention to local. ofc i'll be reading this blog daily and chatting with your victims to make sure i get word if you all come near my neighborhood...

    1. If they are not paying attention to local then they are considered to be AFK and will be dealt with appropriately.

      All Hail The New Order!!

    2. but even in local you let them know right? you don't just start shooting randomly? if that's the case i rightfully have nothing to fear...

    3. No, they just open fire without a prompt in local to check who is AFK or not.

      Several times this has happened, even to people who have paid them not to.

    4. lies, when the new order enters a solar system it's announced loudly in local. It doesn't matter if we're just passing through or planning on staying a while, there is always an announcement when we turn up. If miners ignore the announcements or decide to mine in a non compliant manner despite the announcement then explosions or purchases of a permit is the order of the day

  2. We do not extort: 10 million per yearly permit cannot be considered extortion. We enforce the Code, which self-evidently brings illumination and deliverance for miners. I suggest you read deeper into this blog, where James gives ample evidence of advance warning being given to miners, be they human, AFK or bot.

    As for "honest miners don't pay attention to local"... surely if they were honest and had any concern for their safety, local would have their full undivided attention? I guess not, as our KBs testify. That would require presence of mind and self respect.

    Dr Tyler

    1. i question your moral code if you consider ANY amount of extorted money to be permissible, however small. this is not a just tax: your corp does not provide protection to the members of your system. it does prevent overmining by bots and that i do support since it gives newer players a chance... but if you randomly shift locations, that aid does not add up to the harm you do. if you are truly concerned with the well being of eve, you should focus your attentions around the veldspar fields in newbie starting systems...
      i have a question on the "questions three" mentioned in the "the code": what do those questions entail? are they primarily focused on eve or can they be from any topic? furthermore i ask you to revise your terms of 1v1 to accommodate for users with personal tenets that may not otherwise be able to fairly engage with you. on the same note, do those same tests apply to yourself (i.e. if your enemy is required to sacrifice a valuable ship to concord to prove his/her valor, are you also required to sacrifice an equal ship to prove your own?)
      also, the code seems to focus its attention on ice miners in particular. this is just to clarify of course, but is your operation limited to specific miners(i know that ice miners have a shorter range and usually fit mining rigs and therefore can't tank)?
      also, aside from filing petitions, what constitutes a "red pen offence"?
      what constitutes "bot-aspirant" behavior?
      what are the terms of fortitude regarding the mining indulgence?
      your annual charge of 10 m isk would normally counterbalance the cost of about 5 catalysts for suicide ganking. that in itself is fine, seeing as most miners use mining barges and exhumers which will be several times more expensive. however how would you deal with the new industrial frigates, which are much cheaper than catalysts but still capable of botting at low risk/cost? (let's assume said bot is set to constantly lock and approch targets so bumping wouldn't work)
      likewise, unless you have a whole fleet of catalysts, how do you deal with larger ships such as orcas and heavily tanked exhumers.
      honest highsec players should have no reason to fear for their safety. is that not the purpose of highsec?
      i assure you that to my best effort, i'll remain out of your region and will not come under the jurisdiction of "the code". however the code seems to be unfair in several instances... since the code is "the product of a truly democratic process" there should be provisions for elections per system based on local consensus. i have yet to see real evidence that indicates that the order has the approval of the majority... in a true democracy, there is no representative government: it is only in a democratic republic that we elect officials (and normally multiple officials... and even then often by public vote)
      like you, i stand on the side of justice, but you cannot have justice without truth, and you cannot have truth without clarity. your "code" is neither as clear nor as fair as a true, just code of laws should be, and so i must advise you to revise and improve on your admirable efforts to reform highsec.

    2. Congratulations on posting a wall of text filled with mostly irrelevant crap.

    3. This lengthy and confused rant is best answered via EVEmail, instead of on this forum, as any answer would consist of detailed and low-level instruction, not informed discourse. As such, I have sent a detailed and informative reply to your character, Anonymous, residing in the Pure Blind region in your 3 member corporation, Anonymous Inc.

      Best regards,
      Audrik Villalona.

    4. "if you are truly concerned with the well being of eve, you should focus your attentions around the veldspar fields in newbie starting systems..."
      Elaborate? Are mining bots terrorizing the pristine veldspar fields of Rookie Systems?

      "if your enemy is required to sacrifice a valuable ship to concord to prove his/her valor, are you also required to sacrifice an equal ship to prove your own?"
      The Supreme Protector has already proven his valour on countless occasions - there is no need for him to sacrifice his ship.

      "i assure you that to my best effort, i'll remain out of your region and will not come under the jurisdiction of "the code"."
      All of Highsec is under the jurisdiction of the Code. Also, if you are sincere in your curiosity, you should try to engage directly with Agents by visiting them, instead of trying to avoid them.

    5. i suppose you're right on the first count, miner bots prefer better point was that your efforts are wasted if you move from system to system without fully reforming any single system. members must be left behind to ensure that visited systems don't immediately fall to botterdom when the supreme protector must move on.
      on the second, i simply hear tales of the supreme protector's valor however i haven't seen it in person. words are just words. many players will feel it necessary to witness his glory firsthand before accepting him as a worthy opponent. consider expanding your policies to help us dispel our reasonable doubts. this should be a trivial task for him, the invincible one.
      i show my curiosity is evident through these dialogues with you.
      however unlike the Supreme Protector, i am no hero and fear that the mere presence of a god is too glorious for me to handle. i have the greatest envy of you, who can tread in his footsteps. nonetheless, simply knowing that such glory exists in new eden affords me great content.

  3. Quick answer to all your questions:
    - You have been found guilty of Mining without an Indulgence, a violation of the New Halaima
    Code of Conduct. You may purchase a Mining Indulgence from any New Order Agent for 10
    million isk or risk being ganked or bumped out of mining range. See for details.

    Thats all! Have fun. -DŠ

    1. but as this post clearly indicates, simply paying the 10 million isk is not enough. miners must also follow a "code" which in my opinion does not clearly enough outline further rules and liabilities.


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