Thursday, December 6, 2012

Highsec Miner Grab Bag #15

Waiting out your 15-minute aggression timer after a successful suicide gank? While away the minutes by indulging in the latest edition of the Grab Bag of miscellaneous miner tears.

Starting off today's stack with a melodramatic complaint about how MinerBumping will kill EVE.

Ice miner Racha Ni'Tar is always good for some tears.

From Hitler to Chancellor Palpatine, is there anyone we don't remind people of?

Racha stopped crying once she heard about CCP seeking feedback about miner bumping.

She can almost taste victory! I wonder what would happen if CCP didn't ban bumping, though? Back to space lawyering, I suppose.

When people who oppose us decide to try their hand at bumping, miners still see them as part of the New Order.

I respect carebear Torus Kouvo for putting in the effort to italicize "entire planet" in his tears. Just so we know the New Order is making an impression on the whole world, not just the systems we focus on.

Like so many, Eleazar Hebron had mixed feelings when he heard about my mission to help the miners of highsec.

I wonder if Eleazar ever made up his mind. Meanwhile, the classic definition of "bullying" is when people do good work in the name of James 315.

Cloud Kirk has his facts wrong. When I made the decision to tax all miners 10 million isk, there was 100% representation.

The Unknowns needs to add a lot of Agent names to his list. You might say the Agents he failed to list so far are the unknowns? Just putting that out there.

I got a private convo request from space deathmentia after putting a stop to her unlicensed mining activity. I thought we might have a productive dialogue, but she was in and out of the convo within seconds.

More mixed signals from a confused miner. If you're reading this, Dug Aton, listen to the part of yourself that wants me to have a nice day.

You know the old saying... Be careful what you wish for.


  1. Dear James:
    i notice that you didn't put into your blog that i haven't paid a thing, mine constantly and made millions per day. now thats not much money, but i came here for a challenge, and find your power wanting. you have none. your entirety is a joke, as is this blog, you, and your crew.

    i beg you to prove me wrong

    Princess Minmitar

    1. Well, if you believe in money equalling power, then James has accumulated isk so far by just selling stock. That is a pretty impressive display if you ask me; you can doubt and put into question whatever you want, but these are cold, hard numbers; donations from players who don't expect to get anything out of it other than furthering the cause that is the New Order.

      You may be able to swipe away the obvious dedication many people have shown; the hours and days of time spent on the cause already and the massive polarization you see happening in the community - because those things might be less tangible to you if you're not in touch with the community.

      You can't explain away the cash though. Money talks.

    2. How much did you make today, Princess?

      (Evil pause.)

      "One million isk!"

    3. Ghad, i will pay 5 mil for Princess Minmitar's frozen corpse


  2. Racha Ni'Tar has all the makings of another Lynch / AnsLOL.

  3. I made the blog!

    To all the miners reading this, I love you all!

  4. Lol I find their tears funny and sad. As a Miner I understand profitability comes second to survivability. A properly tanked exhumer scan withstand a gank from a cruiser gang long enough for concord to save the day. While you sacrifice some yield you don't lose you ship.

    Lukins Solat

  5. Besides those gankers wont be finding me unprepaired and untanked. So dont waste your time on me :P

    Lukins Solat


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