Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Future in Order

We arrived in Kamio on Sunday, December 2nd. The place had been overrun by bots and bot-aspirants. No big surprise, as Kamio is one of the most popular ice-mining systems in all of EVE.

What a difference is made by just a handful of days of New Order love and attention! The system has become leaner, healthier, happier, and more affectionate. Look at the improvement.

Those bots and bot-aspirants I mentioned earlier quickly took notice of the "New Order effect".

The Knights of the Order struggled to find targets, so they cast a wider net. I anticipated at least a month-long occupation of Kamio before we could achieve such results, but once again even I underestimated our power.

It's incredible to think that a swarming mass of miners could be culled, often resulting in a 100% Code-compliant ice field.

If we can do it to Kamio, we can do it anywhere. No system in highsec, no matter how populated, can long stand against our bumpers and gankers.

It's a good thing, because the mission of the New Order is precisely to exercise its will and its Code upon all the miners in highsec.

When you look at what we've done to Kamio, that's exactly what we're going to do to the rest of highsec.

Have we gone too far? There are Code-compliant miners, but the result of our activity is to greatly reduce the number of miners. Often, a Code-compliant belt is an empty one.

No one has been able to stand in our way. Nothing has been able to slow the tide of progress. Does this mean all of highsec could one day be emptied of its miners?

I do not believe an ice field's existence is justified by being host to a bunch of Code violators. The belts are part of the game, even if no one is there to mine them.

If people want to buy permits and mine in highsec, that's fine by me. If highsec is empty, and the ice fields sparkle in silence, that is fine also.

I would love to see highsec populated by perfect miners who follow our perfect Code. That's the civilization I wish to create. But I do have this to say: If the alternative is to let highsec be used by even one bot or bot-aspirant Code violator, then I would rather highsec become a barren wasteland. Let an endless night loom over the asteroid belts and ice fields forever.

There is no such thing as going too far. The Code is the only authority in highsec. If the miners do not accept it, let them be wiped out of existence. This is the future. There's no going back.

If we can call it a war, only one side in this war has the perseverance, tenacity, and faith to see it through. We eagerly spend our lives to deliver the destruction that our Code demands. Our enemies? They cannot be bothered to sit at their keyboards. They care only for wealth and luxury. It may take a year, two years, eight years. But we will eradicate every last one of them. Complete victory for the New Order is inevitable. Our future is so bright!



    -Galaxy Pig

  2. Friends of the New Order, rally to us and make yourselves known!!!

  3. Being posted on the harsh Outunian front and besieged by bot fleets, the news of Kamios liberation bolsters our resolve to fight the good fight. We fight for the code! Long live the New Order!


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  5. I received a wardec several days ago from 'shadowfox 14' (alt of 'Slicks shadow'). Sadly, he is representative of the quality (or lack thereof) of our opposition. This is a man who tried to suicide gank an Agent by using his Drake. This is a man who proudly announced his intentions to crush his foes with a blaster-fitted Falcon. I thought little of all this posturing, until I received confirmation of his ineptness.

    Cruiser microwarpdrive, missing midslot, faction multispectral ECMs, cloaking device, and a few heavy missile launchers. One seldom glimpses such fearsome vessels of war. He dropped out of his corp immediately afterwards.

    1. Dropped or was kicked for failfit? =Þ

    2. He dropped from his own corp to evade his own war.

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