Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Peace and Reconciliation

The New Order has a powerful ideological appeal. It's one that can turn enemies into the best of friends. On more than one occasion, we have profiled rebels and skeptics who became strong supporters of the New Order.

Some may be surprised to learn that Wescro, for example, was once on the dreaded Red Pen list. But now he's one of the most prolific gankers in the New Order, with countless kills to his (alt's) name. It's more evidence that while our enemies think we're warmongers, the New Order is really about peace.

The New Order has also been a boon to the economically rational miners.

Note the confusion that plagues the mind of Racha Ni'Tar. She would rather pay ten times a permit's cost to some random barge seller than pay a mining fee to an Agent. She has her space pride, but as a highsec ice miner who cries about the New Order, who is she trying to impress?

Meanwhile, Shufly would gladly get his ship blown to bits, because if he mines for it himself, it's "free". Buying a permit would be an insult to his "credibility". Remember kids, buy your ore from a credible miner like Shufly, not those New Order collaborators putting sell orders up in Jita!

When a rebel does see the light, other rebels whine about it. Rebels may be foolish, but they've got one thing right--the more miners who switch to our side, the more likely the rebels will be forced to submit, too.

Harry Willie is a self-proclaimed leader of one of the new rebel movements. So far his heroic resistance consists of complaining in local and predicting the New Order will one day be revealed as a scam. According to Harry, someday all the Code-compliant miners will be ganked by the New Order. So the scam is that at some undefined point in the future, the permit-owners will be no worse off than the rebel miners are now. Epic scam, that.

Myriam Deloitte's conversion brings up an interesting point. As the New Order comes and goes, rebellious miners and bot-aspirants move around. But each time we return to a place, the resistance diminishes. It's like a lowering tide that recedes a bit more each time it rolls back in. Never believe a miner who says he'll "never" pay. With time, they all do.

After Agent Wescro reported news of a non-compliant miner's deaths, Code-compliant miners shook their heads in disbelief.

Which miners are winning the debate, the permit-holders or the rebels? It's easy to compare the intelligence of the two groups. Among rebel forces, a new conspiracy theory is taking root: An Axis of Evil comprised of Goons, TEST, and the New Order is taking over highsec to control the mineral market. That's their big argument for why people shouldn't buy permits.

It's also interesting to note that you don't often see members of the New Order switching sides to the rebels--it's always the other way around. The more contact one has with the New Order and its glorious Agents, the more likely one is to become enthusiastic about it. Just a few months ago, who would have imagined people having a positive outlook on the future of highsec?


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    1. Now use your fame to furhter promote our great cause!

  2. "don't often" ... what? Is there a single defector from our side to the rebels? I'd be amazed. The thing is, we offer more than just righteousness in obeying the Code. It is true that we don't pay, and offer no chance at riches like the the millions per hour that miners make. (Snerk.) But on the other hand, we are a movement, a righteous movement that is in itself a fantastic example of emergent play and clever organization. And if that sort of high-falutin intellectual stuff does not grab you... we offer support and advice, friends to talk to (remember talking? oh yeah), and most of all, we offer fun. Pushing bots out of a field is fun. Ganking with the Knights is all sorts of fun. And we have highsec wars to offer if you join the right corp.

    And also joining us is the economically rational choice. Yes, we made it that way by force; get over it rebels and obey the Code.

    What do rebel miners offer? Well, I suppose they have someplace to chat so there is maybe some comradery there. And you can get in a highsec war with us, which might be fun if you came out of your stations. But I doubt most of that stuff is really much fun, since rebels are losing and sitting on a losing bench full of losers is a miserable place to be in a game.

    Strong horse. Weak horse. Hmm, I like the strong horse.

    1. The only thing the "rebels" have done is given me a headache with them spraying diarrhea all over local chat with their "words".

  3. Wescro brings honor to the New Order!

    On a less jubilant note, I fear there will always be a set of players that are beyond the reach of reason. Following our ganking of 'blittz darksky' in his Covetor, I was met with the quintessential rebel miner, a distillation of all the qualities the New Order finds abhorrent:

    Oshrog > Kill: blittz darksky (Covetor) <-- no permit
    blittz darksky > its ok just 4 more petitions to CCP to end all high sec pvp all together =)

    [He is referring to himself and his 3 mining alts - a tragedy that we could not bring them all to justice]

    blittz darksky > 1 40 min. build on a new mining ship is way worth the non-stop petitions to CCP =)
    blittz darksky > its all good im not mad it will end soon
    Wescro2 > blittz darksky How will it end?
    blittz darksky > CCP will end high sec pvp without WD
    Wescro2 > blittz darksky Is that what you hope? Or do you have some dev statements to point to?
    Jean Pelletier > No offense blitz, but I don't see that happening
    blittz darksky > i think all the high sec miners should leave the game for about 4 months and watch eve crumble to the ground
    Alana Charen-Teng > Petitioning to end highsc PvP?
    Alana Charen-Teng > blittz darksky If they all left, I'd start mining and make a fortune.
    blittz darksky > u wouldnt mine anything when they shut the servers down
    Alana Charen-Teng > This is why we gank - because of miners like blittz.
    blittz darksky > and this is why we petition
    Alana Charen-Teng > blittz darksky The Logoff button is easy to find - vote with your actions, and stop wasting CCP's time with useless petitions.
    blittz darksky > no they get 4 new petions about every 3 days

    [By this, I assume he means that he intends to file a new set of petitions with all 4 of his accounts, every 3 days]

    And there you have it - the nauseating sense of entitlement, the reflexive petitioning, the smug certainty that CCP will accommodate him by removing all non-consensual player interaction from Highsec, and the delusion that he is an irreplaceable part of New Eden. If there is any kind of player that CCP can afford to lose from New Eden, this must surely be it.

    1. I think I just threw up in my mouth.

      What a disgusting cretin to clog the queue with frivolous petitions when there may be someone trying to get a valid bug to there attention.

      The guy is like the kid who makes prank calls to the emergency services.

    2. That chat log almost made me resub just to hunt him down and gank him.

    3. New ganking alt rolled, I would like for my first kill to be this guy. Tomorrow should be fun.

    4. Marcellus FancypantsDecember 18, 2012 at 7:32 PM

      I think I need to vacation again in highsec to kill this guy.

  4. The WoW is strong with that carebear...

    Wes! Congradulations on your new found space-fame! Will you sign my anti-matter charge?!? :D

    -Galaxy Pig


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