Saturday, December 1, 2012

Secrets of the Resistance, Part 1

Previously, on MinerBumping... A mysterious pilot named Capt Lynch sent me a private convo to complain about an Agent who made his brother cry. I learned the story was completely made up, and that before I even learned of his existence, Capt had gone to the Help channel to ask that I be banned based on the false story. Later, Capt gave me and Agent Tubrug1 an API key for his EVEmail to prove he had not placed a bounty on Tubrug1's head.

Capt's EVEmails showed that he had contacted CCP karkur to tell him that I was abusing wardec mechanics by folding and restarting my corporation. karkur replied:
From: CCP karkur
Sent: 2012-10-22 16:43:00
To: Capt Lynch

Hi there,

I'm just a programmer, so there is not really much I know or can do about this. It would be best if you could petition this, and the GMs can look into it and sort it out.

Thanks :)
- karkur
The datestamp showed that this happened after the "crying brother" gambit failed. karkur's advice about contacting the GMs went unheeded:
From: Capt Lynch
Sent: 2012-10-23 13:08:00
To: CCP karkur

Ssdly...alot of the GM's are in James's 'New Order'...all I ask is that, if you meet someone who can fix this...just mention the exploit please.

Thank you for takign the time to answer me.
As I never get tired of pointing out, this "exploit" was deemed acceptable by CCP due to demands from carebears, who wanted to evade wardecs in highsec.

Going back through the EVEmails, I uncovered an intelligence report prepared by Capt, which he sent to one of the directors of his old corporation. The subject? The New Order of Highsec. Capt was spying on us! Remember when we gathered in Halaima and I announced our move to Gallente space? Unbeknownst to us, Capt was there, watching us.
From: Capt Lynch
Sent: 2012-10-21 20:44:00
To: Kthk'dor Mhrynn

Wookie Sith Ottig
James 315 (leader of New Order...has list of annexed systems. Has severe ego but cheats at duels and hides in NPC Corps when wardecced...minimal threat but still priority kill target if possible)
Joshua Shreder
Casanunda (has shareholder alt but alts ID unknown)
Picard Azukond
JimboDeath (possible)
Xavier Bandar
Kainotomiu Ronuken (shareholder and agent)
BillMurray (Shareholder)
Silver Rook
Pootis Man
Toby tonberry
Glendon Orlenard

At this point in the EVEmail, Capt copied the text of my "big announcement".


New Order is less experienced then first thoight...recomment that Agents be lured to Lowsec ambushes and neutralized.
That's right! Before any of us knew who Capt was, he was already plotting our demise. But you know what they say: Those who study the New Order are studied by the New Order. Going as far back as possible, Capt's EVEmail revealed when he first discovered our humble organization. It was a few days earlier.
From: Capt Lynch
Sent: 2012-10-18 15:53:00
To: Ba'Ba

Hey there...My name is Capt Lynch and on one of my Ice mining trips in Sirseshin, I found an ad container saying how 'Sirseshin has joined the New Order'. I'm a little worried as I do not wanna be attacked for 'tresspassing and not to offend your corp but Jame 315 seems a little crazy from what I read on the corps site (a URL was on the ad container).

Please get back to me ASAP with if I should or should not be expecting trouble.
Ba'Ba never replied. At the time, she was preoccupied with our shareholder vote concerning her fate.

Now let's fast forward a bit to the good ol' days of Tolle. Anslo was just beginning his rebel carebear movement. A faithful reader of MinerBumping, Anslo was familiar with Capt, and was dismayed to see Capt had followed us to Tolle. They exchanged some harsh words:
From: Anslo
Sent: 2012.11.01 22:24
To: Capt Lynch,

so now you're helping the bumpers?

From: Capt Lynch
Sent: 2012.11.01 22:24
To: Anslo,

Nope...I'm tantung M0NO's pathetic attempt to bump someone

From: Anslo
Sent: 2012.11.01 22:25
To: Capt Lynch,

You should resist instead of even talking to them. Man I admired you. You inspired me to even begin my own resistance. Now you're doing this crap?.....lame.
Truth is stranger than fiction. The EVEmails revealed that Anslo's "Proveldtariat" movement was inspired by Capt's bizarre lie about a crying brother. If you want to know the roots of our enemies' downfall, look no further. Actually, look a little further:
From: Capt Lynch
Sent: 2012.11.01 22:26
To: Anslo,

This is a GAME...stop bloody taking it so serious, man. There is more then one ice field in EVE

From: Anslo
Sent: 2012.11.01 22:26
To: Capt Lynch,


From: Capt Lynch
Sent: 2012.11.01 22:27
To: Anslo, the hell is smh supposed to mean..and of luck to your resistence...but my little resistence got me blacklisted by every corp from here to Jakanerva. I just wanna play EVE in peace.

From: Anslo
Sent: 2012.11.01 22:28
To: Capt Lynch,

smh=shake my head
and divided we're weak. united, we're strong.
Thus far, the EVEmails have proven quite illuminating. Capt sought the destruction of the New Order right from the start, all because he read a secure container in the Sirseshin ice field. And Anslo's rebel movement having its origin story tied in with Capt Lynch--who would have guessed?

To be continued...


  1. Oh hey, I'm on the list.

    Time to die, Capt.

    1. There is something terribly wrong with Capt Lynch if I'm not on any of his lists.

    2. I'm guessing he thinks you're a GM and that you will delete his account if he attacks you.

    3. If I was a GM, I'd ban every cry baby that demands an undue nerf to a playstyle that makes EVE what it is. Over 15 direct buffs for highsec miners & they still want more. They will never stop until EVE becomes a staple MMO with spaceships.

      They don't want EVE Online, they want a spaceship mining simulator.

    4. Unfortunately you are right and imo ccp won't stop until eve will became a really "idiot friendly" game.

  2. I was willing to give Capt Lynch the benefit of the doubt before, but I find my sentiments quickly turning against him.

  3. As one who has followed the Capt Lynch saga from the start I see another lie revealed. He has repeatedly claimed NOT to be a miner and yet we see in an early email that his first knowledge of the New Order was on an ice mining trip. Not surprising that he lied about that as in everything.

    This sort of thing has to be very demoralizing to any enemy of the New Order. If it was me I'd be looking in my rear view mirror as I drove to work....

  4. So.. Captain Lynch was attempting to run a counter intelligence op against the New Order, in addition he spouted all manner of butt hurt and vitriol about us.

    Did he not know that a counter intelligence op requires the operative to stay under the radar and not make himself a spectacle & laughing stock? Or was he actually trying to be very clever and do the opposite of what he should have been doing in an attempt to quell any suspicions?

    We'll never know for sure what his plan was but for the sheer gall of attempting this he deserves to be podded, all the way to the Eve Gate and back, regardless of the flavour of the week ailment he claims to be suffering from. The way I see it we now have a legitimate reason to hound him until he either A: runs out of ships and ISK, or B: publishes a public apology, in GD or C&P acknowledging all his lies and misinformation and his failure as an intelligence operative, he's already made himself persona non gratis for many corps anyway, he may as well out himself completely, biomass his character and roll a new one, having learned a valuable lesson, to whit "You do not fuck with the New Order".

  5. And just to complete his list, Jonah Gravenstein is the unknown shareholder alt he mentions


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