Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Advance Notice of a Notable Project

Do you have an empty character slot on your account? Or do you have a character that you don't really use? Looking for an excuse to activate another account? Read on. These are exciting times to be part of the New Order.

If you have been in Abudban lately, you have probably heard stories of Agents suicide ganking miners. Emperor MTB lost a Mackinaw and a Capsule due to his lack of respect for the Code. His tears, as seen above, indicate he is in the process of rethinking his barbaric lifestyle.

I could play up some suspense and drama, but for the sake of convenience, I won't do that.The New Order is going to create a holy army of alts for suicide ganking Code violators. Don't consider this an official announcement or comprehensive guide; this post is just a heads-up so that people who want to get in some early skill training can do so.

Obviously there is much more to say, but that will come later, in a more organized form. If I got into everything now, you would feel like you're drinking from a firehose. For now I'll only provide a few basic details:

Killing the ships and pods of Code violators is fun, but grinding security status is not. Therefore, our army will be designed to operate with low (-5.0 and below) security status. That means you will want to have a character designated solely for the purpose of ganking.

If you absolutely cannot spare a character slot for such a purpose, don't worry, you can still help the gankers by finding targets, providing warp-ins, and scanning targets' fittings--often while bumping at the same time!

Finally, I will say that this project will not be something we put together in a weekend or even a week. It will be something that we build over the course of months, just as we have been building our bumping fleets. Bumpers, gankers, wardeccers, awoxers, and can-flippers are all valued members of the New Order family. In particular, I believe bumpers and gankers are like peanut butter and jelly (or peanut butter and chocolate, if you prefer), two great tastes that go great together.

Okay then, enough yakking. The following is a quick list of skills that ganker-aspirants can start training. Our army will be comprised of Catalysts, the Gallente destroyer. If your character slot is empty, create a Gallente character. The only Gallente-specific skills involved are Gallente Frigate III and Small Hybrid Turret (which also comes with Caldari characters). So if you're going to use an old, inactive character, check your skills and weigh the benefits of re-rolling Gallente or just getting those two skills trained.

First, the basic elements. Minimum skills for Light Ion Blaster I, Warp Scrambler I, Magnetic Field Stabilizer I, and the Catalyst itself. The standard gank-fit for a Catalyst is wonderfully simple, as many Light Ion Blasters and Magnetic Field Stabilizers as you can fit.

Spaceship Command III, Gallente Frigate III, Destroyers I

Light Ion Blaster I
Gunnery I, Small Hybrid Turret I

Warp Scrambler I
Navigation II, Electronics III, Propulsion Jamming I

Magnetic Field Stabilizer I
Gunnery II, Weapon Upgrades I

Several of the skills listed above will come pre-trained with a new Gallente character. You can now fit the modules, but you don't have enough CPU for all 8 LIBs and all 3 MFSs yet.

Weapon Upgrades III, Electronics IV

If you're done with all those, you can train the skills for the two small hybrid damage bonus rigs, the Small Hybrid Collision Accelerator I and Small Hybrid Burst Aerator I. They're cheap, and act like MFSs.

(hybrid damage rigs)
Mechanics III, Jury Rigging III, Hybrid Weapon Rigging I

Sadly each rig will slightly shrink your ship's powergrid as its drawback. You can probably fit one of them along with your 8 guns, but to get the second in, you'll need to train Engineering.

Engineering IV

Now you've got a genuine Tech I suicide ganking ship. In small groups, they can annihilate Code violators whose Mackinaws (and implants) are worth far more. Don't be intimidated by the skills listed above; collectively, they can be trained in just a few days, since they're all low-ranked, and you get some of them pre-trained.

With all modules fit, you have the power to incrementally increase your damage output by taking additional steps. You can train a bunch of damage-enhancing skills to II or III (each is small, but they add up), and then train the ability to overheat your guns.

(damage skills)
Small Hybrid Turret (5% damage per level)
Rapid Firing (4% rate of fire per level)
Surgical Strike (3% damage per level)
Gunnery (2% rate of fire per level)

(overheating guns)
Engineering V, Science IV, Energy Management III, Thermodynamics I

Unlike the rest of what we've covered so far, training for overheating will take several days. If you still hunger for more skills to train, you can go Tech II with just a few more steps. The Tech II MFSs only require you to go up one more level on a skill you've already trained.

Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
Weapon Upgrades IV

If you wanted, you could have started using MFS IIs with your Tech I setup by training for it prior to training the skills needed to overheat your guns. But MFS IIs cost money, while overheating your guns is free. STILL want to train skills? Okay, one more. The guns.

Light Ion Blaster II
Motion Prediction III, Small Hybrid Turret V, Small Blaster Specialization I

You can also improve your guns' range and tracking with other skills (including Destroyer, which doesn't affect your damage or rate of fire).

That's all for now. I have already said far too much. My plan chiefly involves the use of Tech I gankers; I have included this long list of skills for those of you who like to plan ahead, or who already have many of the basic skills trained on a gank-suitable alt. For reasons which will be explained later, cost won't be an issue, so train Tech II if you like.

It will take time for us to get enough Agents with alts trained to organize round-the-clock ganking fun. Have patience. The New Order is not a fly-by-night operation--it's here to stay. Ganking, like bumping, is not a new concept. But as you know, it is only when things are done by the Code that they reach full bloom. Stick around.


  1. Great Idea,

    I have a suicide alt and actual stopped using him because of the insurance nerf.

    But with more suiciders it will be easy and the miners have to pay up or be killed.

    This is going to be splendid.
    Don't forget to pod them also lol.


    Orions Lord

  2. Great words, James.

    I'm going now on the business of miner bumping; yesterday started paying a visit to Kamio; the view was awful, the ice field was full of non compliant miners, very vocal on their purpose of not to pay; I have only an Atron to bump'em, a quick Atron (3.9Km/s of max speed), but was not enough for orcas and orbiting guys, so I have started to train what I need to field a bumper Talos :), this Thursday or Friday.

    But this news of a New Order ganking fleet, comprised by Catalysts... wow, is celestial music. I'm putting in the works for a ganking dude as soon as I have all skills I need to field a proper fitted Talos; may be even I'll fly myself from time to time in a ganking fleet, that will be great fun!.

  3. I was going to post a well thought-out, mature, lengthy paragraph. But then I read the article - thrice, in fact, and realized that my time would be wasted.

    It's one thing to brag and fund an entire blog over the sake of "bumping" miners, but now you boast of suicide ganking, merely because you dislike miners? And you have the gall to spin what you do as indifferent to the children we've seen on youtube doing the same thing without the veil of an organization to back them?

    Disappointing, to say the least. It's a shame I'm not a miner.

    1. So do something about it you tit

    2. We love miners. Perhaps you should also read the Code & find out for yourself.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Nathanial Coughtry, stop winning. If you find so terrible New Order Ganking Fleet plans, pick some people in game with the same thought as you and declare an all out war against New Order and their Agents; as simple as this. Try to oppose us IN GAME, and stop us THERE. This is EVE, where if someone grief you is because he can do it; you only have a handful of solutions to this:

    -Oppose him, trying to curve his 'interest' in you by force.

    -Fall to him, pledge a 'truce' with him offering something that he will find interesting in exchange of 'forgetting' you.

    -Simply run away; flee him, EVE is Enormous. You have thousands of systems to relocate yourself, far away from the griefer realms.

    -Runaway in fagot style: leave EVE; this game is not for too thin skin people, there are plenty of games out there, and lots of it have mining as an activity.

    -Try to steal the game from him: whine to CCP to curve the mechanic that he used against you = BAD LOSER. This game is definitively not for you, EVE is conflict between players, and most of the time not consented, even in High Sec.

    The last one, especially when CCP has declared officially non petitionable miner bumping for profit, is the one that destroys the game in reality... fight or run, but do not try to impede us to do it. EVE=WAR in all of it forms... when will carebears and whiners understand this simple notion?

  6. Aww, you're so cute Anonymous, back again despite me resoundly making you a joke last time? Full time College student, Remember? ^_^

    You see, the reason I post with my full name is because I'm not afraid to. How about you, Anonymous?

    Also, posting/criticism Isn't "crying". You'd do well to learn that in the future.

    Signed, the guy who's a fulltime college student, and it feels quite good.

  7. http://support.eveonline.com/Pages/KB/Article.aspx?id=336

    Don't cry to me, cry to CCP about the peopel crying to CCP about you. :D

    1. Thank you for linking that article. Can baiting in a newbie system sure is relevant to the issue.

    2. And thank you for not realizing that the can baiting EXAMPLE they gave was, in fact, an example. You want to know what's going to get you guys in trouble?


      Read some of silly ole' Lynch's responses. THAT'S what's going to get you in trouble. I could care less if you guys do or not, INFACT, if you guys get abolished, that's less fun I have arguing with you here.

      Please, don't go anywhere soon. I get off to this.

    3. The can baiting was an example of what exactly? If you want to use CCP's examples, there are several where they explicitly state we are doing nothing against the rules. See https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=172648&p=2 for an example.

      I'd like to see you find even one example which in any way states otherwise, but alas you can not. You are just a mediocre troll with a bad, bad haircut.

    4. That's regarding Bumping, not ganking specific targets with intent to harass specific persons. Your reading comprehension.. You see, I'm in college, did you graduate high school?

      You can insult my haircut which the majority of young males in America have, and that the majority of women, for whatever reason, enjoy so much all you want. So long as you keep posting as anonymous, no one cares.

      I can't be too mediocre if I caused all this crying. Face it, my haircuts better than yours. <3 XoXo

      With love - Somebody who doesn't feel the need to hide behind anonymity. (and his haircut)

  8. Forgot to add, if you want me gone, you're going to have to do A LOT better than these childish insults. Honestly, it's like you're not even trying.

  9. You're outrageously hilarious. The amounts of butthurt you display, sir, all while giving your best to fake a calm demeanor have livened up the comments section of this already quite awesome blog. I hope you stay with us for some time at least and don't give in to all the haters by stopping your flow of tears.
    I also want to take this opportunity to express how i feel just how interesting you are. You are certainly one of the more special people i came across in my internet escapades. I mean, wow, working all the time, getting scholarships, being on the A Honor roll for four consecutive years... that is very impressive!

    I mean, this is an internet spaceship blog of course. But damn, those achievements deserve to be heard by everyone, everywhere. All the time.

  10. Tears? Not really, I've never been bothered by your group before, and if I was, I'd just move systems. I find it funny people get hurt over this, and don't take actions, but hey! That's the name of a sandbox game. IT's great, sin't it?

    And thank you! I am quite proud of my achievements. It was hard, and quite boring, but I've done quite a bit with my life <3

    Here's the funny thing, you complain that I'm trying to tout my well-off spot in life for no reason. It was you silly NO anonymous members who are too worried about what I may say about THEIR personal lives who came to attack ME first. Quite honestly, I don't give a damned what anyone here thinks of my personal life, but if you don't want to hear it, maybe you shouldn't bring it up? ^_^

    I'm not crying, as perverse as this may sound, I get a sick kick out of causing people butthurt, I just go about it a different way than you guys. Isn't arguing delicious?

  11. For reasons which will be explained later, cost won't be an issue

    Certainly the New Order has the capital to cover a lot of gank ships. I am guessing that you intend to use the new bounty system to bounty the red-pen criminals. A 30m bounty on each red-pen offender would be recovered by a group of ganker-Agents in one gank. Ironically, this would be the system working exactly according to design if not intention. Criminals are bountied and punished. Probably CCP did not think of bot-aspirant highsec miners as the criminals they thought that the system would punish -- but then, "sandbox".

    Also, rebel miners are likely to be worth a modest amount in loot/salvage. A retriever or mackinaw kitted out for ice mining has about 13m worth of possible loot-drop items; thus the expected loot from one of them (about 6.5m) would pay for a few gank-ships. We might also get some ice, who knows?

    1. With upcomming changes on kill rights, I would prepare to lose one additional gank ship per gank. Well not that it matters that much anyway.
      Time will tell

    2. Let's see... [takes out calculator] 29 billion isk at a payout of 30mm isk per gank adds up to approximately 950 broken miner hulls. Nice!

    3. Nony, I don't think James will spend down the NO capital on ganking. No, it's an investment. When a person goes on the red-pen list, he already has to pay 30m to get off it. Many red-pen offenders punished with a gank will pay for themselves. (And some may end up paying more than once, as they remain unrepentant and find their way back on the list.) However, ganking is also an investment in another way: it hastens the day that other noncompliant miners bend their neck and pay their token 10m mining fee.

      I don't understand the psychology of people unwilling to pay even a token fee, that is obviously in their own self-interest if they mine for a least 2 hours per year with bumpers around. But I think part of it may be the difference between overt cost and opportunity cost -- the former is obvious but the latter not. A few ganks "pour encourager les autres" may be just the thing we need to make rebels realize there are overt costs to their resistance.

      I do have to wonder exactly what James meant. With price no object, I can EFT-fit a Catalyst out with tech II for roughly 10m and get more damage; but a 2m fit with tech I does about 80% as much -- much more cost-effective.

  12. so no only fun but possibly even profitable :)

  13. Replies
    1. Right, because miners are really great at co-ordinating and always fit a tank right? If you can actually manage to organize a mining fleet with proper tank, logi and actively defend yourself you've earned the right to exist and are _actually playing the game_.

      However, I expect the real outcome will be hundreds of miners dying hilariously in swathes. You will be as the wheat before the scythe.

    2. Remote reps don't help much against experienced gankers.

  14. It has begun. \o/

    -Galaxy Pig

  15. It will be an honour to follow in the footsteps of Jihadswarm, hopefully we'll even surpass them :)


  16. If Capt Lynch is receiving death threats relating to his real-life person (bodily harm), then that is absolutely unacceptable and needs to stop immediately. If he is receiving death threats relating to his in-game character ("I'm going to blow you up and pod you", etc), then that is perfectly acceptable. I am not familiar with the threats he is referring to in his forum posts, so I cannot say one way or the other.

  17. Speaking from very little experience on the matter, and at the risk of re-stating what everyone already knew...

    The 'effectiveness' of a gank ship does not scale linearly with its ISK cost. For example, a fully T2-fitted Catalyst costs approximately 13-14 mil for about 620 overheated dps with my skills. A fully T2-fitted Brutix costs approximately 60 mil for about 1100 overheated dps at my skills. The brutix costs 4 times as much, but is barely twice as effective. Where possible, a group of gankers should opt for two or three well-coordinated pilots flying Catalysts, instead of a single pilot flying a Brutix.

    A group of well-coordinated gankers can significantly reduce their ISK investment, at the cost of significant investments in time and effort for coordinating/planning a gank.

    With minimally-skilled ganking alts, a single Catalyst will only achieve about 205 dps (faction antimatter, unable to overheat). It would take 3 minimal skill alts to be as effective as my character flying a single T2-fitted Catalyst. However, if this group of ganking alts is well-coordinated, they will achieve the same result at a fraction of the cost.

  18. I EFTed out a minimal skilled Catalyst and Evemonned a pilot, discovering a few things.

    1) The total skilling time for the minimal ganker is about 4 days. 3 days 21 hours with one remap, is what my Evemon skill plan shows.

    2) As Alana says, the DPS is around 200: 229 to be exact (using Caldari Navy Antimatter), plus another 5 from the single Hobgoblin that a Catalyst can fly. (Do train Drones I and Scout Drone Operation I.)

    3) James forgot to mention that fitting a warp disruptor requires training for fitting. The fit is tight CPU-wise: you must either give up DPS or train up both Electronics IV and Weapon Upgrades IV. Obviously, training two level IVs is easy for any serious character, but for a dedicated alt the extra ~2 days are unwelcome. Fortunately, a gank-gang should have at least a few more experienced gankers, who can fit the points. Thus, the minimal skill-plan should usually forget about fitting one. But do train the skill, anyway, to level I -- it takes just 15m. And then in a pinch you can fit a point at the cost of DPS.

    1. I used a Warp Scrambler I rather than a Warp Disruptor I in my list. It requires 10 less CPU. The extra range of a disruptor is unneeded since you need to be right on top of your target anyway.

  19. Don't count on the solitary drone after Dec 4, the catalyst is losing the drone bay, it is however gaining some CPU and powergrid according to the specs provided in the devblog


    1. Yes, the extra powergrid may mean you won't need Engineering IV (or even III or II, maybe?) to fit the damage rigs.

  20. I fear members of the 'Red Pen List' may rue the day they defied the New Order. With this new policy of tough love, the New Order may yet save the rotten souls of many AFK miners.

  21. Is there a link for the revised Powergrid/CPU for the Catalyst? I do not see any change to its fitting in the first post of this forum thread:


  22. Nevermind, found it. It's Post #428 in that thread.

    "After some more internal and external play testings, we are fairly happy with existing destroyers, except for the Catalyst, as mentioned in the new destroyer balancing thread.

    We want to increase the fittings on it so it is able to mount neutron blasters, or even have a hope to fit 150mm railguns (with fitting implants / rigs). However, by doing so we are removing its tiny dronebay to make its role more focused on turrets and keep a clear distinction with the new Gallente drone destroyer.

    Powergrid increased from 60 to 70, CPU increased from 170 to 178
    Drone bay and bandwidth removed

    Doing so approximately keeps the same damage potential as before, except you have slightly more range as using neutrons instead of ions. It also means you don't have to rely on a destructible damage source (light drone) to compensate for your downgraded guns.

    Also, we want to reduce mass on existing destroyers to make them more noticeable against the new hulls. Changes are the most important for the ships that needed the most, while the thrasher was slightly tuned down. For instance, we estimate around 200m/s to be gained on MWD speeds for a Catalyst."

    1. Thanks for digging up those specs. It looks like fitting the tech I setup with rigs will only require Engineering I and maybe only Electronics III with Weapon Upgrades III. If so, that's two less IV's to train and a pretty quick trip from new player to ganker.

  23. With the revised Catalyst fittings, Engineering 4, and Electronics 4, you can comfortably fit a full rack of meta0 Neutrons and two hybrid weapon rigs. Not enough CPU for a scram unless you downgrade to 3 Neutrons + 5 Ions, I believe.

  24. All hail the New Order of Hisec! Praise be to James 315! How hard is it to play EVE just to help out with this wonderful project?

  25. I think for perspective, Nathaniel needs to do 2 things. Both involve reading.

    1)The Code. Link is above at top of blogsite.
    2)Read www.mylootyourtears.com

    And if you like, for reference, I suggest starting from day 1 of this blog. You will then see the grand scheme unfold as the days go on. If you pay attention to details that is.

    Otherwise just enjoy the ride ffs.

  26. On the subject of Catalysts, Raptr (if any of you are familiar with it) is giving away a special Catalyst (based on gametime logged with Raptr for playing eve, go to their site to learn how raptr works). I forget the name, but if you look at "variations" it's the yellowish one. It either becomes available today or was last night. I forgot to check this morning until I saw this thread.

    But more to the point, now we see James' plans come to fruition (I figured something like this would happen considering all the talk about James' history with eve and reference to interdictions and other goon activities over the years).

    I like it!

  27. Mylootyourtears is excellent reading material, it's a shame that he hasn't posted in a while, even in my carebear days I always enjoyed his shenanigans, another good one is http://zedrikcayne.blogspot.co.uk/, although he's busy playing with the Honda Accord these days, he's either gone carebear or Issler Dainze is going to cry a lot in the near future.


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