Thursday, November 15, 2012

The New Order Heads to Abudban, Part 3

Previously, on MinerBumping... The New Order fleeted up and relocated to Abudban, a nice vacation spot in an ice-mining system at the very heart of Minmatar highsec. (Part 1, Part 2.)

The local miners were in desperate need of reeducation. They suffered from so many misconceptions about the way EVE works.

The Unknowns was punished for mining ice without a permit, but he was confident he would have the last laugh.

The Unknowns knew some EVE GMs personally, or so he said. Amazingly, his threats to have people banned for bumping never panned out.

The Abudban ice field is one of the most popular ice-mining locations in the game. As we took it over, our Agents were eager to see who could sign up the first convert. Heavy Met4l Queen sweetened the deal by offering Orca bonuses.

Capt Lynch continued bumping miners with his Machariel. He was hoping to bank some isk while he waited for rebel leader Anslo to show his face. I taught Capt the art of the bump: Patience and persistence are key.

In a surprise twist, Capt became the first bumper to persuade an Abudban miner to purchase a mining permit!

Syn Lexington had taken some convincing, but there was no denying the New Order's power. She pledged her loyalty in her bio for all to see.

The Agents of the New Order celebrated. The rebel miners of Abudban gnashed their teeth at the betrayal.

Change was in the air. Code-violators fled; the ratio of bumpers to miners climbed. One Concord squadron patrolled the ice field, just in case anyone tried to smartbomb us with frigates again.

gallean mento bubbled with rage. Was there nothing that could stop the New Order from conquering the most popular ice field in Minmatar space?

AKAgunner1's petitions didn't pan out like he hoped. Would wardecs work? Apparently he changed his mind, as he launched no wardecs.

gallean revealed that he knew me from back when I bumped miners in the Halaima/Kamio area. Back then, the New Order was one bumper with a dream. "He is but one man, what difference could he make?" they asked. And then the New Order became an empire.

To be continued...


  1. Glorious, wish I could have been there.

  2. crab nicholson extremeNovember 15, 2012 at 5:09 AM

    my friend had a great idea, there needs to be a book on the new order that has all the best logs and we need to release it on amazon books for free. we have the website and all the logs in it but I think it should all be put together, all the stories all the tears and the code for future generations. what do you guys think?

    1. I love it, all the glorious highlights would really bring new miners into the fold.

      Also good job Capt. Lynch!

    2. greetings from May 2013, past-crab! I am in the process of reading every last WORD James 315 has written so allow me to throw my future-laden hat in to +1 this idea from the future

  3. Van Orth here, guys, let me please know when AKAgunner1 declare a war, will ya? I had him and his friend threating the same but so far it didn't happen. I think he's just clown.

    1. I quess that makes 2 of you then? :D

  4. Way to cop out on wardeccs, knowng your corp history you've closed and reopnened the corp whenever you've been wardecced.

  5. So, I just spoke to the GM Team regarding this to get some clarification:

    Firstly, people who are bumped always have the right to petition. It is the right of any player who feels that they want to petition an issue to do so.

    However, with regards to the rules in EVE Online our current view is:

    Bumping is not considered harassment.
    Bumping is not considered griefing.
    Bumping is not against the rules.

    It's actually been used for a long time to prevent warping as a rudimentary form of tackling when you don't have a point, or don't have sufficient disruption strength to keep someone pinned.

    Along with that, the people that are doing this for the best part are in player corporations. If you don't like what they're doing, declare war on them so that you can punish them, or pay a merc corp to do so on your behalf if you don't want to fight.

    There are plenty of options to counter this, if you use your imagination.

    1. No you didn't speak to a member of the GM team, you copy & pasted CCP Falcons response from here:

      Always give credit to the original poster.

    2. cookie for person? Thought i would copy and paste something for the readers that a Dev Actually said.


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