Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Payment and Principle

It is a truth nearly universally acknowledged, that it is economically rational for miners to buy mining permits from the New Order.

The reasoning is simple: Over the course of the permit's 365-day period, bumpers will cost you more than 10 million isk. If miners mine for the money, it makes sense to pay.

Yet the same rebel miners who eschew pride and principle by becoming ice-mining bots in highsec--whose choice of activity is the very antithesis of pride and principle--nevertheless appeal to those concepts to justify their rebellion.

Ghost Jumper offers us the picture of a rational miner. She mines for money, and makes the choice that maximizes her money. Paying for things is the norm in EVE.

Sovereignty has nothing to do with it; players cannot claim sovereignty anywhere in lowsec or in NPC null. What about the counterargument that nullsec or even lowsec "ownership" is backed up by guns? It's also possible to kill miners in highsec. But more to the point, bumpers inflict economic damage on miners without Concord interference. The endless tidal wave of miner tears posted on MinerBumping are a testament to that fact.

Which brings us to the final point: All miners do pay. If you lost 10 million isk from bumping, you paid--you just didn't get credit for it. The miners who say they'll "never" pay have already lost their money. Unlike their smarter counterparts, they don't get the benefits of joining our civilization--until they purchase their permits. Being a rebel miner doesn't mean you don't pay, it only means you pay more. And if they are so proud, why do they shed so many tears?

The power of the New Order comes in many forms. Truth is one of these forms. There's no logic or reason for non-compliance. Therefore the New Order is reality. You can complain about reality, but you can't wish it away. Given enough time, our triumph is inevitable. How do you defeat the truth? With a smartbombing Merlin?


  1. Another soul has been swayed to the power of the New Order.

    I welcome you, brother Ghost Jumper.

  2. I can understand the guys who won't throw their principles away, even it's the economacally rational way... cause humans are often not rational. They hear to their heart and not to their brain and this is just the human being.

    "Yet the same rebel miners who eschew pride and principle by becoming ice-mining bots in highsec"

    You know there are some miners out there and they have fun at mining. Cause they know they do something important for the economy in Eve or do somethin good for their Corp (ice mining for the pos fuel or normal ore for the pvp fleet in the corp). And sorry but not every miner is a bot or afk miner or something like that.

    I respect you and your club/cultists/role-players/and any other way you will be called, you create a community and play your game as you will, but won't support you, cause its not my way to play that game and it goes against my principles :). And as i say in Tolle maybe we meet us again as enemys there cause it was kind of funny to read your stuff or give some word duels (even if im not really good in english... man i was to lazy at school).

    So greetings from Germany

    Rokmal Serala

  3. >> its not my way to play that game and it goes against my principles
    what kind of principles ?
    * Did you hate yourself while playing Risk/Risiko because you have to pose a imperialistic warmonger ?
    * It's against your principles to build a sand castle when the sandbpox is still inviolate, flatten by the gardener ?

    1. I mean the principles to not pay for something, where i dont stand full behind. I'm against bumping people cause they don't pay... if you only bump afk/bot miners i would support you. And that is just why its not my way to play, cause even its a game i wont be against my principles. I hope its so ok and you can understand my point of view... i wish i could be better in english so i can write it like in my mother tongue :(.

      Greetings from Germany

      Rokmal Serala

    2. Why does it matter if they are afk or not? Honestly. A miner is a miner. I don't care if they are in the shitter all day or if they have no keyboard and only click a mouse. If they mine, they pay a permit. If they don't pay a permit, they get bumped.

      It's all very uniform and simple. I understand you said you were lazy at school to justify your poor english, which is fine, but did maybe you also miss out on some math?

      Bot only is a thing of the past. Evolution happens sir.

  4. Please, stop posting in my name or at least think of something even remotely intelligent to say.

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