Friday, November 2, 2012

Saving Capt Lynch, Part 1

The saga of Capt Lynch is a great example of the lengths to which the New Order will go in order to understand and fix the world around us. (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.) After I posted the second Part of the series, I was contacted by Capt Lynch, who was upset that one of our Agents, Willy Bryan, had challenged him to a duel. To me, this sounded like an excellent opportunity to encourage Capt to apologize to everyone.

An honorable duel request? That didn't sound like a threat to me. Was Capt craven?

It was high time Capt learned the value of personal responsibility.

At this point, the consensus is that Capt may have been can-flipped and killed, but his brother probably wasn't the one brought to tears about it.

Some miners think of me as a monster who's out to "get" them. Not at all. I frequently play the role of counselor and mediator, and I help them work out their issues.

Capt was adamant about one thing. He would not pay me any isk. No isk whatsoever.

Capt felt the series cast him in an unfavorable light. Maybe so, but that wasn't my fault. He couldn't point to anything specific.

Meanwhile, Willy Bryan was in contact with Kthk'dor Mhrynn, one of the leaders of Capt's corporation. The situation was escalating, so I needed to help Capt quickly.

Capt referred to his story about his brother crying as an "experiment", a test to see whether I would show sufficient compassion. With New Order spies all around, Capt didn't know who he could trust. He kept too many secrets, and the web of lies engulfed the poor mission-runner.

This kind of conditional apology with an "if..." clause is a pet peeve of mine, so I invited Capt to start over.

Capt insisted that he was being sincere, but understood his apology would stand to benefit from a rewrite.

Capt concluded his apology.

Unfortunately, he didn't go far enough. He was still holding back. And this was no time for half-measures.

I was disappointed in Capt, and I told him so.

Capt at least spared a few kind words for Heavy Met4l Queen, a recent addition to the Order.

I suggested Capt apologize to our Agents more directly.

I don't like to be kept waiting, and neither do my Agents. Capt understood.

It was time for Capt to step up to the plate and deliver the apology of his life. But was he up to the task, or would he only get himself into more trouble? Could Capt win over Willy Bryan, or would the diplomatic incident spiral out of control and result in Capt being kicked out of his corp?

To be continued...


  1. Then sheo walks in through the door and catches them kissing! Lmao this is like a soap opera.

  2. Drago Wolfbane SkorvalkNovember 2, 2012 at 3:34 AM

    I am completely UNimpressed with Capt. Lynch's whole attitude. It completely smacks of disrespect and he still makes demands.

    He demands not to pay a single isk, yet wants to "do business in ice systems". Not sure what that means exactly but I do not feel he can be trusted.

    This entire conversation smacks of him just trying to brush our order away and that he did nothing wrong. The entire convo is like pulling teeth, he lies, cheats and is completely dishonest in all regards to us. I do not believe him at all. I may be alone in these thoughts, but it is how I see it!

    1. Yeah also exactly my opinion; atm i think capt. lynch he really try hard to "save his face" and his virtual "honor" but imo without success.
      Every time i encounter this type of guy missioning in hisec i try to ransom (after a succssefull ninja ofc) and if he pay the ransom i blow the ship anyway; in this way i teach alot of uneducated carebears how to speak polite, be a good rational human beeing and so on.
      Unfortunately his case seems without hope so i suggest a BIG Red Pen anyway.

  3. Prencleeve? Oh dear.
    Here is he joining goons:

    1. I just read that google post. Holy hell. He should have just read from and those answers are already there plain as day.

      ~Murk Paradox

  4. Looks like he got overwhelmed by his own actions and wants it to stop. While that's great for him, that isn't exactly cleaning up the mess, that's just leaving the mess for someone else to clean up =(.

    That's a good 30mil right there.

    ~Murk Paradox

    1. I've already paid over 3 times that as a to me ingame and I will prove it via chatlog.

    2. Drago Wolfbane SkorvalkNovember 3, 2012 at 1:58 AM

      An anonymous person suggesting a statement as truth and then offers to prove it via Chatlog. Where do I begin? I guess with the fact how I anyone talk without a name.

      In the end if you paid 3x's that amount in fees you must have constantly messing up. I know one thing and that is that the Order is honest.

    3. Well...the amount of false rumors (That I'm a ship thief etc) seem to make me think...who's the one supposed to be taking EVE too serious again?

      What have I done...via in-game actions, that slows down or stops the New Order in any way? I have no PVP skills so its not blowing up agents.

      I have barely 28 mill of ISK so its not setting bounties...not that there is any point what with the bounty system reset coming.

      I smack talked the New Order? SO WHAT? THIS IS EVE ONLINE! Smack talk from people who don't like you is par for the course. If your reaction to smack talk is to try and drive the smack talker to ragequit EVE then you are taking the game alot more serious then you ever accused me of doing and probably need a break for a week.

      Finally, the reason I gave such a generalized apology apart from the one I gave Root and Tubrug1: Even James doesn't know who all of the agents are...if he does...send me a list in-game and I'll send each one a personal apology. Otherwise, there is not much else I can do other then half-kill myself with sleep deprivation by staying up 48 hours+ looking for every single New Order agent to give an apology too...half of which are probably offline indefinitely anyway cause of Superstorm Sandy in the states.

      Murk...I'm sorry if my apology seems to be no enough to clean up...there isn't much else I CAN do with just words and I have no skills or time during the week (thanks to UK timezones and real life commitments) for bumping.

      Drago...I offered the chatlog to prove I tried to give an honest full apology as best I could. The offer still stands.

      Finally on an unrelated note...if anyone see's Willy Bryan...can you PLEASE remind him that I'm still waiting to do that duel with him...and that it was his job to set time and place.

      -Capt Lynch

    4. Lynch just stop talking, you never do yourself any favours no matter what your original intent is, words are wind, action means more how about YOU set the time and place for a duel against Willy Bryan.

      Thanks for the interesting reading and all that, but I'm out of popcorn.

    5. Lynch, send me an ingame mail and I'll tell you a little secret, even though you mentioned it already so I thought you knew... but I can clear it all up privately.

      ~Murk Paradox

      Wait, no, I'll do it here. Best thing EVER you can do, is actually read James' words. Don't skim and read what you want, just read them. He didn't want an explanation, he wanted an apology, he wanted recognition. Give it. Don't say you did, you didn't. You tried to explain and justify. Don't.

      That's my last chance to throw a lifeline to a drowning man.

    6. Capt Lynch you are learning a very good lesson in personal responsibility right now. I hope you embrace this lesson and the New Order with open arms. This lesson is so valuable that you should donate all of your isk and assets for it.

    7. Because Daniel...he said HE'D DO he's on my watch list and he hasn't been on since I accepted his duel or since Hurricane Sandy visited the US east coast...I suspect he's one of the unfortunates without power. Its hard to challenge someone who is never online to challenge.

      Murk...I read his words...I accepted I fucked up...I apologised...but I have no idea what I'm supposed to reqognize beyond him as the head of the New Order. Its also hard to read his words when he cherry-picks from the conversation. As for concidering you 'good people'. I have some counter-advice. Give me a reason to call you good people. So far, all I've had from you is bad attitude, lies that got me thrown into a NPC corp and grief in EVEMail

      Yes, there are good people in the New Order. Tubrug1 for the respect he shows everyone, M0N0 for not believing BS that Goonwaffe spread about me, Khan for knowing wjen NOT to RP a pirate/Goon personality and be civil and Heavy Met3l Queen for being a proper friend, are some of them and I am sure there are more but so far I am yet to meet them.

      I respect James for coming up with a novel idea to get rid of those asshole AFK/Bot players that strip-mine asteroid fields before anyone else can get them that doesn't result in CONCORD'ed ships.

      Finally, La can have my account over my cold dead british corpse.

    8. "Murk...I read his words...I accepted I fucked up...I apologised...but I have no idea what I'm supposed to reqognize beyond him as the head of the New Order. Its also hard to read his words when he cherry-picks from the conversation. As for concidering you 'good people'. I have some counter-advice. Give me a reason to call you good people. So far, all I've had from you is bad attitude, lies that got me thrown into a NPC corp and grief in EVEMail"

      Again, I can only read what gets posted here, and the dialogue clearly shows when James asked you to say one thing, and then you expanded on it, hence my post. I personally do not care what the facts are, it doesn't matter. Perception is everything. This is about appearances. Arguing semantics, posting he said/she said snippets without proof of logs is more detrimental than good because you claim to respect their privacy. If that's the case, don't namedrop them in the first place.

      Basically, it shows you take a lot onto your shoulders but then try to squirm away from it being there in the first place. That's strife for all.

      Think of it as reputation.

      Any rate, I'm not trying to argue, I'm trying to clarify what most of us here see but you apparently do not. Take it for what you will, be it one of the nice guys or one of the rp asshole pirate types.

      I would have just paid the dues and not tried a smear campaign personally. That always seems to stir up a hornet's nest of problems as I'm sure you are realizing.

      ~Murk Paradox

  5. Drago Wolfbane SkorvalkNovember 3, 2012 at 4:46 PM

    Lynch, you play word games and mock our Order with your constant flow of disrespectful attitude.

    It is not how YOU view what you have done, it is what you have done as viewed by the agents (and of course our savior!) of our Order.

    1. Oh for...I;m online right to me ingame and I'll TRY to explain...

  6. Drago Wolfbane SkorvalkNovember 3, 2012 at 11:01 PM

    I need no explaination from you, I gave YOU the explanation you need!

    You are guilty of more crimes against our Order and our Saviour, your vicious attacks against him, while he is forgiving and benevolent, we the mere agents of this Order, are not!

    Your crimes are of both deeds,attitude and words, while you continue to expand your list of crimes, even as you say you want forgiveness, we can only assume your not being honest.

    Thankfully we have our Supreme Saviour, who is fair and just in all, to guide us through this criminal trial of such a high magnitude!

  7. Hey nice thing i can write here anonymous and hide my head.

    Today i was bumped too by one of your agents.
    I reapproached and restarted mining.
    It was clear i am not afk at all.
    Got E-Mail and ignored it. Just asked if "The New Order" is against ALL mining or just botting and afk-mining.
    Sorrily i got no answer to that.

    But, while getting bumped around and beeing not more that a meatshield for the other miners i looked at your Homepage.
    Especially this Conversation seemed interesting.

    I agree that Capt. Lynch for sure isnt the brightest bulb in the luster when he lets pull himself in a discussion with you or your agents.
    No matter what i think of your style of playing the game, there was one part that shocked me:
    Capt:"...without duel requests and threads "to find out where i live"..."

    I really don't care what you do with the game and why you do it.
    But as any sort of leader, informal or accredited, thats the point where you (James 315) should take a deep look in youself and go in between.

    No matter what happened and went wrong before.
    That should be the point the game ends beeing funny and where you should talk some hard words to your agents.
    Honestly, jump over your shadows.

    And Capt. Lynch, if you should read this:
    Dont let you pull in that endless discussions any more.
    You are getting always deeper in that swamp.
    Write ONE proper letter to apology, pay a final fee. Forget your ego.
    Play alts, hide in WH or whatever.
    Do not let it touch your Reallife... what is a game worth when it isnt fun anymore.

    So, i had to post this.

    P.S.: I simply left the bumper and logged out.
    Another day, another field. Thats how miners deal with bumpers. :)


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