Monday, November 5, 2012

The Nastiest Weapon in EVE

There are many days when I criticize the miners of highsec for their repetitive behavior and their repetitive insults. But there are other days when I am amazed by the seemingly infinite variation and diversity of their tears.

It began with mprotector, who complained about miners being "disconnected". At first, I thought something was lost in translation: Maybe a non-English speaker was referring to his ship being bumped out of range and "disconnected" from its target asteroid.

angelafighter chimed in with the same complaints, as if she were mprotector's alt. Regardless, they were of one mind on this issue--something so serious as to invite "real world law". Really, by this point we need a law firm that only takes EVE-related cases.

angelafighter confirmed everyone's worst fears. According to her, the enemy of the highsec miners had access to a truly nasty weapon: The power to disconnect other players from EVE. The reputation of our omnipotent power grows.

Agent admiral root was skeptical about her theory. But angelafighter was confident she would prevail during a fair hearing at space court.

mprotector renewed his complaints. To angelafighter, this was the last straw. It was time to educate her fellow miners about the latest threat posed by the New Order.

She had it all figured out. The GMs must be using their power to interrupt the miners' connections! angelafighter wasn't the first person to become convinced that half the GMs work for me. Maybe there's something to it? I mean, if you were a GM and spent all day answering petitions from whining miners, wouldn't you join the New Order?

For once, a miner had stated proper grounds for a harassment complaint, sort of. First she would need to prove New Order Agents were using GM abilities to disconnect miners. Once she does that, we can revisit the issue.

...On the other hand, within a couple hours of angelafighter's complaints, EVE went down for an extended, unscheduled downtime. If you're an Agent and you have access to the EVE server hardware, please be careful!


  1. Do you know how stupid they would look in a court wearing a tuxedo, with family members and assiciates in the background, sparking a legal case over a video game conspiracy theory?! Lmao James where the hell do you find these people~

  2. Eve disconnect and other internet application works fine; to me seems she/he forgot to stop porn torrents.

    1. When did this disconnect occur? I was playing an extended game and there was a downtime on saturday...said the next that a server had suffered hardware problems.

      Someones been at the tin foil hats again

  3. Someone likes the word "shit" a little too much.

    Although I'll admit, it is a pretty good word.

    ~Murk Paradox

  4. oh noes I'm disconnected, they must be using hax or DDOSing me, even though players have no way of knowing a targets IP addy or any way of manipulating their client to disconnect them without breaking the EULA and real world laws, not even python injection would do it, because CCP watch for people doing it as it is/was a common method of botting..

  5. I love how they shout in local about the disconnect and they are still typing. Fail.

  6. Time to reprocess my "DC cannon" before the GMs find out about it and I get banned for all time

  7. Ähm.. this disconnecting story is true .. in some cases.
    J.R. 'Bob' Dobbs is a secret shareholder of cpp with full access to Eve World server.

    He can disconnect you, boost your ship of grid (even out of system) with 1000% Shild/Demage/Speed and he is the one in Jita/Rens/Dodixie/Amarr sending 10 Mio if you send him 1 Mio first.


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