Thursday, November 8, 2012

Twenty-Four Billion in Shares Sold

How long would it take to count to twenty-four billion aloud? While we ponder that question together, let's simultaneously celebrate reaching the milestone of 24,000 shares being sold! We can start our celebration with a Supreme Protector's Tip of the Hat™ to Agent Tubrug1, whose well-timed purchase of 300 shares put us over the top. Congratulations to all shareholders for being a part of this amazing event!


  1. You use #victory too much.

    1. A side effect of being in the New Order is we're always victorious!

    2. How is selling 24,000 shares not a victory Anslo?

    3. Anslo my brother tells me he tried to post on your anti bumping site and you did not allow his post to stay on. All your talk of freedom and yet you deny freedom of speech, you Sir are a hypocrite and a tyrant of the worst kind, if I was particularly mean I could claim you made him cry or some such in the style of our dear friend captn lynch (except my brother is real, while we never found out if lynch even had a brother)

  2. Confirming that Anslo moderates his site to exclude bumper comment. I gave a VERY helpful, point by point, "Bumper's View" on his anti-bumping tactics post and he slicked it off. Then I pointed out that he had left me off the bumpers list and still nothing. The second one hurts a bit I can tell you.

    But I will not be silenced.. so here is the full text of my amazing post that he censured... (I'm being oppressed!)

    Post begins..... here.

    Hey Anslo, thought you might be getting lonely over here so I decided to visit. Let me be the first (and only) person to post a comment.

    So, how do these anti-bumping tactics work? Let an Agent tell you.

    1) Orbiting - doesn't work. Admittedly, its harder to hit a moving target but we Agents know how to do it. Once I get the first solid bump on a miner I have her and its the work of a few minutes to bump her out of range.

    2) Skiff - this works as far as not being bumped with the tradeoff of a significant decrease in mining output and an ore hold about half the size of a Mack or Retriever. Probably can't do this one afk for very long.

    3) Webbing - Are you kidding me? I have seen this done exactly no times. Perhaps if someone bothered to try it we might find out if it works.

    4) Nestling - Space is 3D. I usually just come in from straight above or straight below. You can't cover all the angles. Once I pop the miner out from between, its another easy bumpage.

    5) Angling - You know there is more than one Agent don't you? Has the very negative side effect that you can't do this one afk or we just chug around the roid and bounce you off the asteroid face. Then bumpity bump bump sit.

    6) Migrate - a short term solution. The New Order is growing every day and more systems are being absorbed under our control. In the near future, if there is Ice, there will be Agents.

    7) Anslo forgot this one and its the best. Pay 10,000,000 ISK to the nearest Agent, update your bio with your support of James 315 and the New Order of Highsec and enjoy bump free mining for ONE FULL YEAR! I strongly recommend, nay, I insist, on you doing this one.

    If you are through reading this you had better get back to your Eve window as you are an afk botter and have been bumped for non-compliance with The Code.

    Bing Bangboom
    Agent of the New Order of Highsec
    Belligerent Undesirable

    1. I would like to see the webbing tactic done it sounds amazing, but would you use alts or other people or even bots to do that. Seems like a lot of needless work when you could just pay the 10 million isk and not bother with any of that crap

      Bing hit you with his Reason Beam for 1000000 logic damage

  3. It sort of makes sense that he'd do that though :S
    Why would he let you guys spam the website?

    1. that's irrelevant, we're talking about reasonable posts not spam.

    2. ...except they're not reasonable. Think of it. If you were fighting another group, and your group was new and growing with only a few supporters as it grows, why would you let the enemy stomp on it?

      It's like a guerrilla unit attacking a platoon of soldiers head on instead of using cunning and secrecy to pick at them until they're nothing. Not saying I'm supporting either, it's just my 2 isk.

    3. I think it just shows the contrast between his site and James's. James DOES allow Anslo to anonymously spam this site, while Anslo cannot even stand a well thought-out and cleverly written (grin)discussion of the very subject he posted about.

      It shows a fear of an actual debate about the subject that reflects a lack of conviction in the strength of his arguments. Also, using censorship to advocate for liberty is... what's that word?... ah, a bit "ironic".

    4. I don't know why James let's the miners spam the site at all. It's stupid :S He gets traffic to his site that way. It's REALLY counter productive.

      And wait I don't get the comment on the discussion?...Explain please?

      I don't know about fear to use his arguments. I know the guy personally, he believes in what he's doing >_> if you want to talk more, let me know who to contact in game!

    5. Wait what, its counter productive for a blog to be spammed and have input? Have you even READ what this site is about?

  4. I think anon was trying to be sarcastic but failed. As for the lack of liberty, well, what do you expect of the proveldtariat? They're miners modeling themselves after communists. The irony is hilarious. as the great space-internet dictionary wikipedia provides us..."Karl Marx, who studied Roman law at the University of Berlin, used the term proletariat in his socio-political theory of Marxism to describe a working class unalterated by private property and capable of a revolutionary action to topple capitalism in order to create classless society."

    I guess the next question is going to be when will the "proveldtariat" give up all their space junk and create a war free utopia? Oh. Wait, they're Hisec miners... Never.


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