Monday, November 19, 2012

New Halaima University

Highsec miners send me a fair amount of EVEmail each day. Sometimes the mail involves complaints about my Agents. Recall, for example, the time I received a complaint about an Agent who bumped miners while drunk.

Odelleger sent me a complaint about Agent Winchester Steele's use of language one day. I didn't reply to the EVEmail, but I kept it in mind, just in case the issue resurfaced later.

Not long afterward, I encountered Odelleger in the Abudban system, our current vacation home. He was still upset about Winchester.

I often say that as Father of the New Order and Saviour of Highsec, I wear a lot of hats. But I treasure my role as the chief educator of highsec. I could have handled this privately, but Odelleger presented me with a "teachable moment", and I wanted all Abudban to benefit.

Rather than lecturing Odelleger right off the bat, I decided to use what is called the "Socratic method", named after the ancient philosopher Socrates. He and I developed it; Socrates pioneered the method and I perfected it a couple thousand years later. It involves teaching a student by guiding with a series of questions.

Odelleger fell into the classic trap of not studying the Code carefully enough before purporting to know what it says.

Odelleger learned his lesson, but he wasn't happy about it. Carebear tears are weakness leaving the body of highsec.

The Code strikes right to the heart of a man, and it tests him. Odelleger pretended to be concerned with the spirit of the Code when he attacked Agent Winchester's language. The Code tested Odelleger and revealed that he wasn't concerned about the Code at all. His motives were impure, so he failed.

Before leaving Abudban, Odelleger spat out a conspiracy theory. I'm not trying to disrupt ore prices, but when I am surrounded by the New Order family and I witness the positive transformation of highsec that unfolds before our eyes, I feel like the richest man in the world.


  1. If you don't like them, kill them all.

    Trade the miners for guns.

    1. Ah, the sweet sound of the desperation of one's enemies :)

      Having utterly failed to get the miners to do a relatively small thing and organize, now completely out of ideas, Anslo resorts to asking the miners to do a relatively large thing. He begs for armed open revolt against their rightful leaders, by the sheeplike afk-droolers. Good luck with that.

    2. If it's so desperate and such a failure, why do you feel the need to even address it? And the miners are doing the "small" things. There's more skiffs, much open revolt against you, and plenty of gank attempts, war decs, and dodging. I don't see how he's failed at all.

      You just focus on what's positive for your mafia group to make it look like you're "winning," when in reality you're just twisting words. In my opinion, you're afraid. Then again, I would be too if I paid these nuts and there was a mass uprising. I don't think you'd be looked at in a positive light.

    3. "If it's so desperate and such a failure, why do you feel the need to even address it?"

      I don't feel a need to address it. I make fun of you because I enjoy doing so, there's no need involved. Surely this must be obvious to you by now.

      there are two issues with your argument, anslo. #1, there really aren't "plenty" of those things, there are a few. #2 even if there were 'plenty', that would just mean that the New Order had succeeded in the goal of getting miners to not be afk/bots. Your goal, as stated on your blog, is to make Highsec safe for afk/bots again. When you quote dubious facts, that even if true, are part of our goal and not part of yours, you look quite the fool.

    4. "I don't feel a need to address it. I make fun of you because I enjoy doing so, there's no need involved. Surely this must be obvious to you by now."
      So you don't feel a need to address it, but you address it. Whether it's making fun or not, you're addressing it. You're as contradictory as these bumpers.

      Even though miners might not be afk now to deal with you, they'll go right back to being AFK once you're gone :) They're not part of your goal, they're part of ours, FOOL.

      BTW I'm not Anslo. He won't come on here no matter who tells him.

    5. All caps insults, he mad.

      Why do you feel the need to be a coward, hiding your name and hurling insults from a bed of shame?

    6. Think of it this way; why do you deserve to be graced by my name?

      And you're no "brave pioneer" here. You just paid and mined like a good pet. :)

    7. I can't very well prove my bravery on the ruins of your pod, if I don't know your name.

    8. We shouldn't care who Anon is, he should do something to make us care. Until then just another waste of space.

    9. Hey guys, free money courtesy of our friend Anslo:

      Bumper Dodging

      Of course, for anyone to be paid they would have to be at their keyboard ready to move, and their ship would have to move faster than a MWDing Stabber.

    10. I did wonder, when I first saw the bumper dodging thing, if Anslo has ever flown a barge. Nano fit barges anyone? (it doesn't really help)

    11. Its more like record drunken bumpers missing you. Since you know, you can't really dodge in a barge!

    12. In regards to the accusation of ore price manipulation by James and his esteemed Agents of the new order, you'd think they would welcome price rises as miners themselves.

      Indeed some people who pretend to be space miners are so clueless with economics that it's easier to put up buy orders below refine value and spend time doing

  2. LOL @ Socratic method. "Don't you know what the Code says abut profanity". Can almost here him snapping his keyboard in half at that.

  3. Ahh regrettable language on my part. I lack the divine patience of our Supreme Protector when it comes to the ignorance of miners. At the least, it provided a valuable example for Odelleger to gain a deeper understanding of the Code.

    Winchester Steele.

    1. You know what would help Anslo’s movement, if there was some organisation going around trying to stop afk mining, and then there would be more people for him to rally to his cause. I should just mention some of the comments on his site say that “tanking” your ship is a sign of weakness on our part, so is “tanking” bad, and am I supposed to fill up those slots with mining modules?


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