Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Oversized Tears

Everyone on this planet has his own unique set of fingerprints, his own unique DNA, and judging by all those retina scanners I see on TV shows and movies, his own unique retinas. It's my belief that everyone creates unique tears, as well.

Some tears are small.

Some tears are big. Having trouble reading that? Don't worry, we'll take a closer look. Last month, a miner set the record for the longest EVEmail complaint. This one, which was forwarded to me by Agent Simon Lindsay, breaks the record, I think.

The carebear in question is Mark Anstian, who had a lot to say to our Agent. From what he wrote, it seems our friend Mark took a good look at our Code and didn't like what he saw.

The "good idea fairy" section is the only time Mark got it right. Yes, our Code has changed highsec. Before, it was every man for himself. Now we're all in it together, and that means following our agreed upon set of rules.

Mark went off the rails again, totally misinterpreting the Code. The miner bumping business is a business, and it seeks to make a profit on the mining permits sold. Since permits cost is nothing to make, it's easy to make a healthy profit. But we go far beyond that, in that we attempt to make a positive contribution to the community. Given the unhealthy state of highsec, it would be fair to say we're building that community from scratch. That's as responsible as a business can get.

If Mark can't get my name right, how can we trust him to improve upon the perfection that is our Code? I'd be happy to hear from him, though, because that's the kind of person I am.

The New Order is not a corporation. It transcends corporations. It even transcends alliances and coalitions. The New Order was founded upon universal principles, which means everyone in highsec can and must join us. Instead of writing lengthy EVEmail complaints, Mark should be thanking Agent Simon Lindsay for being the best friend he's ever met in this game.

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  1. This guy spelled "discuss" wrong like that Nathaniel hipster. Apart from that, do these people NOT grow up with parents? Parents arent TRYING to be assholes, but have to adopt a "do as I say not as I do" doctrine for the well being of the child who doesn't know better, governed by the parent who, has more experience and can make executive decisions.

    Which is what James does since he is in fact the FATHER of High Sec space.

    Why is this so hard to understand?


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