Sunday, November 4, 2012

Saving Capt Lynch, Part 2

Previously, on MinerBumping... Capt Lynch appeared on the MinerBumping radar after having a weird conversation with me about how to improve the New Order. When it came to light that he was lying about an Agent making his brother cry, he was challenged to a duel by one of our other Agents. I advised Capt to make an apology.

Capt offered to personally deliver an apology to my Agents, so I sent out a call to any Agents who wanted to be invited into the private convo. Agents Tubrug1 and admiral root happened to be available. Once they were in the convo channel, Capt made his apology.

I was concerned that Capt might botch the apology, and he did. I gently but firmly guided him through the process.

I wanted Capt to know that I was disappointed in him and expected him to correct his mistakes, but that I was not angry. I would teach him how to grow up and act with honour. As Father of the New Order, I am very much like a father to the people of highsec. Not altogether dissimilar to the character portrayed by Sean Bean on HBO's "Game of Thrones".

Capt was eager to protect "ACE" (Ashfell Celestial Equilibrium), the corporation to which he belonged.

It is not for me to accept Capt's apology on behalf of everyone else. When he made up a story about an Agent making his brother cry, he committed a crime against all Agents. Each individual Agent must decide for himself whether to accept the apology.

There was a slight complication where ACE was concerned. The New Order does not look favorably upon corporations that harbor those who defy the New Order.

The possibility of retaliation against ACE remained open. Long-time readers may recall the case of Hail Heaven, who had been expelled from his corporation for the crime of showing me disrespect and non-compliance. A wardeccing corp loyal to the New Order sent a complaint about Hail to Hail's CEO and threatened a wardec. Hail had been a member of that corp for a year, but they got rid of him to avoid the trouble. Capt was anxious not to share a similar fate.

Capt, who earlier in our conversation said he would never pay me any isk, now offered to pay me 30 to 100 million isk as a fine, to protect ACE.

Classic negotiating strategy: If someone offers you 30 to 100 million isk, take the 100 million isk.

I was very clear and precise about what the 100 million isk fine would cover.

The two Agents, who were quiet but attentive throughout this process, served as witnesses.

It didn't take an hour for Capt to gather the funds. Within moments he was ready to send the money. I confirmed I was ready to accept the money--which I always am.

The payment looked to be in order. As to where Capt got the idea for the amount, I am uncertain. His earlier reference to 30 million isk obviously came from the Red Pen penalty, and earlier in this saga he complained to EVE's "Help" channel that a can-flipper Agent of mine tried to "extort" 100 million isk from him. I guess this was a really roundabout way of paying his ransom.

Everything was legal. It doesn't get any more official than two Agents of the New Order saying "aye". After exchanging some pleasantries, Capt bid us adieu. So everything was settled, then? Not quite.

In exchange for the 100 million isk fine, Capt had ensured ACE would not be attacked by me. Though my Civilian Light Electron Blaster was thereby taken off the field, there were still a lot of Agents out there who didn't want excuses or apologies. They wanted justice.

To be continued...


  1. "I would teach him how to grow up and act with honour." I see you do not know the meaning of the word. You obviously knew he paid you to absolve his corp from any reprisals by your followers. You are deceitful, not honourable. You are like a kid with your fingers crossed behind your back as a justification for your lies and omission of the truth. This hurts your cause. Who can trust that payment of your fees means anything when you do things like this?

    I have been fairly impressed by watching your crusade. It is entertaining watching the outrage and drama you incite. The humiliation you delivered was delicious, but the deception at the end was disappointing and not representative of your "higher" calling.

    1. Sucks to be Lynch. Thats pretty low...setting him up like that

    2. Ultimately, James is correct. ACE committed a crime against the New Order by harboring a known liar and scoundrel. This is a gentle but firm reminder to the corporation that they, also, must reaffirm their own duties and obligations, or risk bump.

      James 315 treats the problem AND the source.

    3. Some might say that James IS the problem.

    4. We have seen James speak often, and then swallow those words in an another post. He can be said to be a man of mere words.. entertaining words, but often with no real substance.

    5. It would be truly wrong of James to act as those he can absolve anyone in the eyes of all his agents. The 100 mil was a tax on stupidity.
      -Galaxy Pig

    6. Drago Wolfbane SkorvalkNovember 5, 2012 at 5:15 AM

      I think James acted with honor AND honesty. He clearly outlined what was involved in the exchange. Previously Capt. Lynch tried to use space law and space lawyers to fight his cause, since he supported it so much back then, trying to get players banned from the game, he should be well versed in space law.

      There was no deception at all. James315 precisely stated what was being exchanged.

      I have seen negotiations and contracts that have been used later that relied 100% on the wording of the agreement.

      This is a great lesson to read and UNDERSTAND anything you sign.

    7. That is where the honor flew out the window, a person of honor doesn't play word games. Well, at least not according to he traditional sense of the word, how the New order interprets it is their call.

    8. Speaking as the guy who got hard feelings. I broke rules 1 and 2

      Rule 1: When doing contracts like that...never trust anyone, not even yourself

      Rule 2: Always read the fine print before you pay.

    9. There is no fine print on contracts in Eve, all the info you need is there on plain sight. How you interpret that is a different deal.

  2. Lych should not be worried about his corp, what comes to the "New order", they are all bark and no bite. They did wardeck the corp my alt is, lost some ships and decided not to renew the declaration.

  3. one word harassment! how James has gotten away with this for so long is a joke. EVE is a game and treat it as such!

  4. Yes, it is a game and treat it as such, do not take it so personally. And I suspect the word your limited vocabulary was looking for is emergent gameplay. Games are not always fair. Do not try to change the game if it doesn't evolve the way you wanted it to.

    That said, I also think this has gone too far, but as you said, it is just a joke. As for getting a way, it takes courage to come out of the closet and admit being a bumper. Even that proves James 315 is just messing with your heads.

    1. From your link: Bumper:
      A beautiful, attractive ,desirable, of-the-in-crowd person. Someone you can not and should not resist.

      Sounds about right to me.

    2. bumper:
      farting on a girls tongue while she gives you a rim job.

      "when your girls gives you a rim job and you fart you have now given her a bumper."

      I agree.

    3. Ah, we've each chosen the definition from the many choices available that really spoke to us. I'm happy with what my choice says about me, and you agree that you're happy with what your choice says about you.


    4. Yes, our choices tell a lot about ourselves, but also how we interpret that information is very telling. Thank you for your response, all of you :)

    5. I would implore you to learn how to read word for word and also how to construct a cohesive thought based on those words instead of responding in a kneejerk fashion exercising your skills at rash judgement. This is based on myself being able to read and knowing what "clarification" means in regards to a negotiation being held and also how a bargain was struck.

      If you need further lessons, please watch the Pirates of the Carribean saga and listen to what the pirates say when they converse with each other. By this I do not mean to associate this blog with "pirate" (please reread my first paragraph if you need to) and simply listen and realize the dialogue aforementioned pirates use when they teach the audience about "word for word" negotiations.

      In short, learn to read.

      ~Murk Paradox

    6. Above post is meant as a general reply for the thread, not the specific post =)

      ~Murk Paradox


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