Thursday, November 1, 2012

Model Miner Helps a Brother Out

It's the feel-good story of the week.

One night in Tolle, ice miner mack1 went on another rant, telling some story about EVE players getting charged by the U.S. military for "harassing a soldier". Same tears, different day.

Enter crab nicholson extreme, a hero miner. crab is famous in Tolle as the first miner in the system to pay his 10 million isk fee to the join the New Order. Now he was set to blaze another trail, by offering to purchase a mining permit on behalf of another miner.

mack1 continued his story, oblivious.

The Code permits anyone to purchase a mining permit on behalf of anyone else. crab took pity upon mack1, and just like that, mack1 was legal.

What a contrast: On the one hand, the dignity and grace of New Order hero miner crab, and on the other hand, mack1's unsavory everything. Like I've always said, if you want to convince people to join the New Order, just place a New Order member and a rebel side by side. The case makes itself.

But mack1 was less than impressed. Ingratitude from a rebel? Color me shocked.

If anything, mack1 only became more grouchy. Perhaps he's one of the rebels who thinks the bumpers will only go away if they stop getting paid.

The display of mercy and generosity was not sufficient to transform mack1. He continued to rail against the New Order. I've been told he forfeited his permit by committing foul crimes against the New Order, which is a shame. For some miners, there's only one cure: More bumping.


  1. In Aydoteaux I have paid for about 6 miners and their permits, luckily the people I have baught them for have actually been alot nicer than this case except that jacob guy. @,..,@

  2. Mack1 is a true member and figure for the Proveldtariat!
    Long live Mack1, a true U.S. Patriot!
    For Freedom!
    For the Proveldtariat!

    1. Nobody in EVE gives a fuck about the U.S.! Stop thinking that just because someone is a soldier in the U.S. Military, they're above harassment. You don't hear about German or French soldiers getting their harassers arrested, do you? Which just proves that the U.S. Military has the whiniest, most pathetic, despicable EVE-playing soldiers ever, not counting Vile Rat.

    2. You think I care what you think euro-trash? Deal with it. I'll praise our defiant soldiers all I want. Enjoy your Union breaking apart back to medieval times.


  3. Death to the Bumpers.

    1. Post with your main or other alt and mean something.

      Bumping is hard, try it!

    2. I'll pass. I like hating you all better :)

    3. Since everyone is talking about soldiers and Americans. When the miners scream Death to the Bumpers it reminds me of when people scream death to america.

  4. I have said in the past that you make mining fun and while I know I will have to mine at some point in the very near future I will always be paying attention in game while undocked (it's durr-obvious to everyone who played Eve before warp to zero) If agents, shareholders or anonymous shareholders want to donate ten million isk on my behalf I would be grateful.

    Even if no one takes up the offer I will add to my bio the following.

    The Saviour of High Sec and his supreme agents has made mining interesting and local more vocal, rejoice in meeting your neighbours

    Perhaps it's too wordy.

    I am Sidrat Flush and this is my ingame name. I want to bump afk/bot miners because the current game mechanic means a house-husband mines as much ice as me even though he could be in the pub while I am not, and this makes me angry. Not at him for being in a pub but me not willing to afk while mining. Bump everyone.

    James, I, and I think many others would appreciate a good fit for bumping those who wish to profit from CCP and starve the rest of the great and good who only wish to supply everyone their perfect ships, mods, ammo and drones whether they be red or not it's about profit and profit should equal effort. Mining without bumping is not effort.

    You know it makes sense people get a mining certificate, it's what two mackinaw yields of plagio or buy me or your corp mate one, either way - Have fun in the belts.

    1. Strange, an anon poster calling a named poster a coward and a traitor to freedom. Sounds like both parties are expressing themselves equally. Actually Sidrat moreso, since he infact stated his opinion and why he feels that way, whereas the anonymous poster only called him names and pretended to be knowledgeable by saying "tl:dr" beforehand.

      Very interesting!

      ~Murk Paradox

    2. The mystery poster is Anslo. He hangs out in Tolle local and General Discussion impersonating William Wallace. His main weapon appears to be spamming local whenever we are explaining things to the miners.

      He was in the Tolle Ice field a couple nights ago when we were driving mack1 to distraction. Tried counter-bumping (I think) but with the usual result. He's a hard core bot supporter but ineffective as they all are.

      Missed him last night. There were three of us bumpers in Tolle local chatting merrily about the advantages of paying the indulgence fee while bumping a family of miners a couple hundred km out of the belt and watching them trudge back. No comments at all from the miners, probably because they weren't actually there.

    3. My google account is a bit more out of game than I would normally use never the less I am the original creator of the first ever multiple item mineral calculator - and it was an office database printout.

      It worked but not the way I wanted it to at the time, and because I can't code without a lot of halucenogenic (I'm not spelling that right) drugs and at the very least three seasons of Numbers, I went to Excel spreadsheet which after importing the basic tables you need is quite easy to maintain manually.

      Of course I'd love to do the same in an android app so I can calculate what I could build with current assets or what I want to build with maximum rate of return.

      I want to turn it into an android app so any help would be appreciated.

    4. Because all anons are Anslo. We are ALL Anslo. :D

  5. Has anyone been able to verify the story Mack told? I could find nothing with Google or Bing about this particular set of circumstances. Is he blowing smoke?

    1. Do you think these rebels care if anything they say is logical or factual? Of course not! They're just blabbering because they think they can stop the advance of Enlightenment if they blabber enough.

  6. I'd like to clarify a bit the end of this tale. mack1 did not lose his Permit due to acting against the New Order. Instead, mack1 actively rejected crab nicholson extreme's gift, and did not willingly accept the gift of a valid New Order Mining Permit.

    This can be confirmed by fellow Agent MON0, who was in the system actively bringing the truth of the New Order to Tolle's residents at the time.

  7. I'm going to go out on a limb here & assume that mack1 is unable to provide any citation of his claims.

  8. Drago Wolfbane SkorvalkNovember 2, 2012 at 3:44 AM

    Wow! The tales theses miners will spin!

    So the US military went and had 3 teenagers arrested for harassing a soldier in a game! LOL Seriously if anyone is silly enough to believe this it is hilarious.

    While I know military members do play this game, I doubt Mack1 is one. I have come to not believe anything in game that players state about out of game, or I at least have a health dose of being skeptic about any. Further more I actually am disgusted by players who actually try to use RL to influence ingame outcomes. Smacks of desperation!

  9. From what I can glean from my conversation with Mack1, not only is he not military personnel, he didn't pick up on Military Acronyms, he is in fact English, judging by the use of his slang and knowing the counties of the UK which is something an American is unlikely to know much as an Englishman is unlikely to know all the states of the US.

    Also AFAIK it is unlikely that Military Police would have jurisdiction over civilians unless they were on US gov't property or the US was under martial law.

  10. For the record the idea of the us military arresting 3 random people for saying mean things on the internet to active duty guy is crazy.

    Only way it would happen is if the other eve players were in the military and acting in a way that embarrassed the military (aka they got caught by their superiors. Behaving in a way that reflected poorly on the service.) Even then they wouldn't be arrested more like slapped an official never do that again letter and told to sit in the no promotion corner.

    Considering some of the things my friends do the military has a long list of other things to look into before they get to people saying mean things about others on the internet.


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