Saturday, November 17, 2012

Shareholder Vote: Should CCP Eterne and CCP Falcon Be Made Honorary Agents?

There are countless ways to act as an Agent of the New Order; any action taken to advance the cause of our movement, our leader, and our Code is a revolutionary act. Therefore, even positive actions taken by a member of CCP itself could be considered the actions of an Agent.

This brings us to the recent, high-profile actions taken by two members of CCP. For obvious reasons, CCP developers must at all times remain neutral. They cannot favor corporations, alliances, or any other in-game faction. They cannot publicly declare themselves Agents of the New Order. But under certain circumstances, they could be made honorary Agents.

I am, of course, referring to the events described in yesterday's post. On EVE-O, CCP Eterne commented that miner bumping and suicide ganking are not petitionable actions. I made a post about it, since it was the first time a member of CCP had ever publicly confirmed this--though hundreds of petitions against us have been denied.

Galaxy Pig, a vocal supporter of the New Order on EVE-O, has long sought official confirmation that miner bumping is permissible. CCP always shied away from making a definitive statement about it, leading some observers to conclude that they were trying to maintain flexibility in case the New Order became too powerful.

After my post about CCP Eterne's comment, Galaxy Pig returned to EVE-O and trumpeted the victory. This induced CCP Falcon to make a more lengthy post about the legitimacy of bumping miners.

But CCP Falcon took it a step further, writing "There are plenty of options to counter [bumping], if you use your imagination." That sounds to me like a complete rejection of miners' demands to nerf bumping (via aggression flags to bumping, space anchors, etc.). The carebears always offer up some variation of "there's no counter to bumping", so Falcon's remark is surely intended as a strike against them.

Okay then, let's get down to business.

CCP Eterne and CCP Falcon are members of the EVE Online "Community Team" that joined CCP about a month ago. (Just as the New Order was in a period of rapid growth! Coincidence?) They have been nominated for the honour of becoming honorary Agents of the New Order. But it is up to the Shareholders of the New Order to decide whether this is necessary or appropriate.

You know the drill.

The Vote

Shall CCP Eterne and CCP Falcon be named honorary Agents of the New Order?

[ ] Yes, they have taken a bold and unprecedented stand in favor of Order and against the nefarious space lawyers and carebears of the resistance.

[ ] No, they were just doing their jobs, the same as any GM who denied a petition against us.

[ ] Abstain.

Shareholders may vote either by replying in the vote thread on EVE-O, or by sending me an EVEmail.

The voting period will last from now until Tuesday, November 20th at 02:00 EVEtime (Monday, November 19th at 9:00pm Eastern).


  1. Do we even need a poll for this? It's obvious the answer is yes, these two fine GM's should be made honorary Agents of the New Order.

  2. While i do not hold any shares; and i am not playing eve currently, i have still followed this blog with passion for the past three months. That said, I do not think that the CCP employees mentioned above should be made honorary agents.
    They did not go out of their daily routine to reinforce the New Order's case (which they did - reinforcing it, that is). They did not sacrifice anything - and they did not, in fact, surrender themselves to the public in a way that all agents do. They are, by virtue of being CCP employees, untouchable - to the very ways of resistance they offer to the disgruntled rebels.
    I massively appreciate what they have done to clarify the position the New Order stands on. However, I personally find that each and every single Agent out there, in space, fighting for the New Order, dedicating (in some cases a LOT) of time, displaying out-of-this-world amounts of patience and in the face of the often times horrible accusations thrown at them, incredible stability and strength of character to be so much more praise-worthy.
    Any Agent that has been with the New Order even for a short amount of time has earned my deepest personal respect.

    What this poll boils down to, in my opinion: Would making aforementioned CCP employees honorary Agents further the New Order's cause?
    And if it does, would it be justifiable in the face of countless Agents serving with unwavering boldness and dedication?

    CCP Falcon and CCP Eterne have shown so little qualities that are required of an Agent.
    While their action is absolutely appreciated, I personally value the actions of any single Agent out there, fighting the good fight, much higher than a forum post.

  3. They should not be made honorary members. First of all they are just doing their job. Second it might give people the impressed they have received a bribe and are now favourably biased towards The New Order.

    1. This. Doing so could honestly get them in trouble or potentially investigated by internal affairs. Appreciate them, but don't do anything else.

  4. On the other hand, the "Two Thirds Majority rule" is often used at the various levels of government in an effort to prevent the small majority from overtaking the large minority.


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