Tuesday, November 20, 2012

CCP Eterne and CCP Falcon Named Honorary Agents

The Shareholders of the New Order have concluded a vote on the measure to name two CCP members honorary Agents.

In the beginning, the vote looked to be overwhelmingly in favor of the measure, which was propelled by the euphoria of the CCP staff members' unprecedented stand in favor of the New Order on EVE-O. However, there were some concerns voiced about whether the CCP developers in question had done enough to earn the honour.

In a dramatic moment, three Shareholders turned their votes against the measure at the eleventh hour in response to CCP Eterne and CCP Falcon closing threads related to the New Order on EVE-O. Would the vote have gone differently had the thread closures taken place earlier? No one can say for certain.

Nevertheless, the measure carried by a wide margin.


Shall CCP Eterne and CCP Falcon be named honorary Agents of the New Order?

Yes -- 5,474 votes (92.7%)
No -- 425 votes (07.3%)
Abstain -- 0 votes

As a consequence, CCP Eterne and CCP Falcon have been granted the status of Honorary Agents of the New Order. You may congratulate the two at the appreciation/celebration thread which has been opened on EVE-O (assuming you haven't been banned from the forum).


  1. I understand what your doing any whd, but stop dressing it up as the greatest thing to happen to highsec since sliced bread, its extortion, you know it, I know it hell my cat knows it.

    Just a thought on the matter.

    1. Of course it's extortion. Extortionists deserve death!
      Death to James315 and his Order!

    2. I've got nothing against the extortion, its the making themselves out to be so fantastic that irritates me.

    3. Translation of the above posts.

      Waaaaahhhh!!! Stop being big meanies.

    4. I suppose it takes one to know one. "Translating" their message is being a part of that said message and carrying it forward, while in the same time making us look like little children playing their game.

      Paternally yours,

      Orions lord

  2. Agents of the New Order possess many qualities: bumping skill, charm, wit, and invincibility. I'd say we qualify as being fantastic!

  3. And what we lack in manners, we make up with sex appeal :)

  4. ^
    Hi Construticon! Post with your own name!


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