Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Art of War, Part 1

Back in September, I created my corporation, the Experimental Fun Times Corp. I wanted to be in a player corporation so that I would be free to do battle with those who would dare fire off a wardec against me. Not long afterward, I won the first in a series of quick victories. By the time I had won four wars, word was getting around.

Most of the time, I only received threats. Few had the stomach for war.

But among those who were tuned into the highsec community, news traveled fast.

I found this container in the Kamio system, and was informed of chatter across Caldari highsec. The aggressors who found themselves victim to the Experimental Fun Times Corp wanted to let everyone know how I had manipulated the broken wardec system.

My war strategy, though known, was Invicible. Much like my ship.

Some of the most avid readers of MinerBumping are the miners themselves, even those who initially oppose us. Perhaps that's why the New Order's ranks are filled with our former enemies. In time, they cannot help but be persuaded.

The CEO of Anti-Fun Time Corp vowed to go on wardeccing indefinitely. However, it cost him 50 million isk to declare war, and it only cost me 1.5 million to win the wars. A tiny cost that was reimbursed by supporters of the New Order.

After one last war from Anti-Fun Time Corp at the end of September, he gave up. And then something extraordinary happened. Unprecedented, even.

...Highsec learned. The only way to win was not to play.

The time: Mid-November. The place: Abudban system. Captain Worthless threatened to put an end to Experimental Fun Times Corp's era of peace.

Agent admiral root encouraged Captain to try his hand at war with the New Order. Captain hesitated, hemming and hawing for awhile about whether it was worth his time.

admiral's challenges to Captain's ego were too much to resist. Besides, a Captain always obeys an admiral.

Though we had only been in Abudban a short time, most of the locals were already shaking their heads.

Then Literally Space Moses made an intriguing suggestion. Was it time to test the outer limits of the wardec system's brokenness?

To be continued...


  1. Is PLAN an army or navy ?

    More importantly, can they withstand your plan ?

  2. Silly Nixlu. Mining is not an isk faucet as it does not inject isk in to the economy.

  3. Maybe it's true, miners fail economics...

    1. I read this first thing and it made me laugh. There are builders out there who build without prod eff at level 5 and they think buying bpo's with the biggest ME level researched is worth a premium.

      Well it might actually be worth it for them, but still.

      You still get miners who think there minerals that they have mined are free. You even get ratters who want to get 1K isk for a module which contains 20 times that amount in materials.

      Oh what fun we spreadsheet geeks can have in Eve Online.

      In regards to war dec avoidance - a legitimate game play mechanic as any other - you'd have thought the word would have spread a lot faster than it actually has.

      There are those who don't read any official or fan made web sites for the games they play and wonder why things don't pan out they way they expect it would.

  4. When this issue comes up, it always reminds me of this:

    > Q. Why are you in an NPC corp? Are you afraid of being wardecced?

    On the contrary, I am Invincible and am afraid of nothing. I do not need corp members to fight my battles for me, nor do I feel the need to hide behind a corporate veil. I will fight anyone at any time. However, creating a corporation does cost over a million isk, which would cut into my profit margin. <

    Oh, James, your such a pussy. I'm just glad that the agent's I'v spoken to aren't like you :D

  5. I like the way that Literally Space Moses thinks, that man has potential

  6. So offence but I have NEVER seen him fight...nor have I seen a recent killboard entry that didn't involve CONCORD causing 99.8% of the damage or landing the fatal blow.

    If your ship is so invincible...why don't you prove it? I will not accept the excuse of 'I have no reason too' as a excuse cause thats all it is...a feeble excuse.

    1. So offence but I have NEVER seen you use actual punctuation...nor have I seen any justification for using ellipses instead of real punctuation.

      If you are so literate...why don't you prove it? I will not accept the excuse of 'I have no reason too[sic]' as a[sic] excuse cause[sic] thats[sic] all it is..a feeble excuse.

    2. Since taking up the mantle of Supreme Protector, James 315 has not been defeated in combat. If this is not proof enough, then you are an unreasonable person.

    3. And you're delusional...he wouldn't last 10 seconds in Nullsec.

    4. And you're delusional...after 10 seconds in Nullsec one is still invulnerable under gatejump-cloak. Even you would still be alive after 10 seconds, Mr. Tough-talking Anon. Of course, after that expired, I'd put my money on the Savior over a random Anon.

    5. James 315 is (or was, he was in goonswarm) a goon, and if you may recall, goons are not doing badly in nullsec.

    6. We are actually really terrible at this game. Fortunately everyone else is more terrible.

  7. This is why CCP Falcon should certainly be considered an agent - not only is he encouraging people to walk into this trap, he's actually claiming it's a counter to bumping!

    1. There is a counter to everything. The counter to bumping is buying a permit & not being AFK.

  8. Glenn Beck told me they're CIA!!!
    -Galaxy Pig

  9. Why do people think pvp only means combat? "You aren't brave if you don't beat me at my own game!"

    Intelligence speaks volumes when pit against stupidity. Besides, that Anon would have to invoke a challenge for a duel, if he even read the Code to prove his own literacy.


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