Friday, November 30, 2012

New Order Returning to Kamio this Sunday

The Abudban system has been our vacation home for a couple weeks now, and it couldn't have been more accommodating. Despite repeated threats against us, nothing has been able to stand in our way. You came to Abudban, and you brought change. When we first arrived, the system was one of the most popular mining locations in all EVE. No surprise, since it's next door to Rens.

With more Agents than ever before, we sold countless mining permits. Bad miners left the system, enabling a superior community to take root there for the first time.

Our vacation has been exciting, but now it's time for us to make our way back home: Kamio and its neighbor Halaima, at the heart of The Citadel. I have heard reports of Kamio's population reaching record levels. If what I've been hearing is true, it may have become the most popular mining location in the galaxy. There's no question that they miss us, and they need us.

You know what that means! A call to bumps!

WHEN: Sunday, December 2nd at 21:00 EVEtime (4:00pm Eastern)
WHERE: Abudban ice field

All Agents and aspiring Agents are invited. We will meet in Abudban and then head to Kamio. It's fitting, because we will be back in our homeland, ready for the Winter Expansion scheduled for release that week. There has been much interest in our future ganking operations. We will be in the Kamio/Halaima area for awhile, so that would be a good location to move gank alts and equipment.


  1. Replies
    1. Some good Agents have decided to stay because they love you.

  2. Finally not being allowed in Abudban due to my faction warfare status was getting old.

  3. Good riddance? from some miners that were offered a chance to have a shot at a New Order agent in a T1 mining ship in Abudban not 2 hours ago and I got no takers, I was willing to drop a can for someone to take from to let one brave soul fight for their honour and a free permit, without concord intervention, my only stipulation was that the fight be ORE vessel vs ORE vessel, not one miner stepped up, I was actually disappointed after all the crap that's been spouted against the new order that not one of the miners in system was willing to step up to the mark and act upon their obvious hatred for us. Shame on you and your ilk Mr Anonymous. I may even have let my opponent escape in structure if the fight had gone in my favour.

  4. I'm back in Amarr from Providence and am in the process of moving to Dodixie... I won't be far away!

  5. Sunday is not the 1st of December, it's quite confusing I must say.

  6. Finally a rebel miner stepped up to the challenge,terms were agreed as no podding and into structure, the barge brawl between myself and the challenger attracted an audience, agreements were upheld, and fun was had.

    o7 Construticon

  7. Good citizen's of Kamio rejoice! All your prayers have been answered, we are coming home.

  8. Before you leave Heimatar you might want to try a little expedition to Emogranlan, a nice little ice field that happens to be 0.5 ... ^.^


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