Monday, November 12, 2012

The New Order Heads to Abudban, Part 1

After a lengthy vacation in Gallente highsec, it was time for the New Order to move on and share the Code with some new people.

I drafted our next move in complete secrecy. Our destination? Abudban, an ice field system in Heimatar, a Minmatar region of highsec. It's unique, because it's only one jump away from Rens. Yes, that Rens, one of the few giant trade hubs in EVE. No other ice field system in EVE is located so close to one. Needless to say, Abudban is a popular locale for miners. It's also a couple hops from Amamake, a famous portal to low/null. The system gets a lot of traffic.

Unaware of our destination, Agents of the New Order gathered in Tolle to prepare the bumper fleet. Capt Lynch also turned up, but he wasn't here to bump. Somehow Anslo, leader of the anti-Order "Proveldtariat", had made an enemy of Capt. There was a rumor about Anslo planning to crash our party, so Capt was in Tolle for vengeance. It was shaping up to be a proper action movie: "There's no room for personal vendettas on this mission, Captain Lynch!"

Capt brought a Machariel, a faction battleship, with which to kill Anslo. But Anslo didn't show his face. Capt got bored and began using the ship to bump miners while he passed the time.

As our fleet gathered in Tolle, some idle chit-chat was had.

At the appointed hour, the ice field started to fill up with bumpers. Some familiar faces, some new.

I entered Tolle and was greeted with a warm welcome, like the Saviour of Highsec might expect.

After spending some time bumping miners, the fleet gathered around, eager to hear the plan.

As I described Abudban's unique qualities, the Agents of the New Order salivated.

Before we left, crab nicholson extreme, known to all as the best miner in Tolle, decided to move along with the New Order.

It was time to leave Tolle behind. When we'll see it again, who knows? But all highsec is destined to fall under our power.

'Twas around 18 jumps to our new vacation home, deep in the heart of Minmatar highsec, where few Agents had yet tread. Per our custom, each system along our route got to experience our jubilation in local.

Capt was following along in his Machariel, still on the lookout for Anslo. Disaster was narrowly averted when Capt realized he almost jumped his billion isk ship into lowsec.

Meanwhile, Capt convoed me to share his thoughts about the day's excursion.

At last! We arrived in Abudban. Even this far from home, I was instantly recognized by one of the locals, who used to live in New Order territory.

There it was: Abudban ice field, one of the most populated ice fields in EVE. Aside from crab, who had accompanied us on our journey, everyone mining there was doing so in violation of the Code. It was time to bust some punks.

To be continued...


  1. crab nicholson extremeNovember 12, 2012 at 3:05 AM

    lovely day for an excursion, and a new adventure! \o/

  2. Thank-you to all the locals who greeted us warmly, both with potty mouths and open gun ports. Resistance is futile.

  3. A big thanks to James 315 for taking the time to put this content out there for us to enjoy. Without guys like you New Eden would be a terminally boring landscape filled with bot-aspirant zombies. I daresay many of the miners in Abudban secretly had as much fun as us bumpers, and thats the real message of freedom that the New Order brings.

    Great blog, great content, great game philosophy. Long live the New Order.

    Winchester Steele

    1. I second this! Thanks, James, for contributing something positive to the game. I've made new friends and enemies by joining in the bumping fun, and had many LOLs.

  4. its nice were so close to rens. i lived in rens for quite some time during my starting days of eve and have fond memories of it. in fact i think i can safely say that i missed minmatar space in general after being gone so long. its good to be home.

  5. Sorry for missing the party guys! I was too busy making some ISK from Incursioning, then being an idiot for rushing in and losing a Raven. Oh well, all's fair in war and EVE.

    Anyways, it's good to see we're near a major trade hub, that'll attract alot of attention from the locals. I'll be heading up to Rens tomarrow after I get out of school. Happy bumping!

  6. I to missed the great excursion, my pesky life outside of EVE reared its ugly head and forced me to work at the WEEKEND no less. James please feel free to bump my boss

  7. The closest I ever went to rens was when, for some reason, the computer made me do the minmattar rookie this day I have no idea why...but the same bug gave me an Isis rookie ship for my collection.

    Nice to actually visit it properly...

  8. Perhaps I have under estimated Capt Lynch. Someone that is prepared to suicide gank with a Machariel should not be taken lightly (use a Tornado instead, cheaper with more alpha).

    As for Anslo; I think he has discredited & embarrassed himself enough to not want to show up again.

    1. Suicide gank? A one billion+ ship and fit? ARE YOU CRAZY? I'm gonna set Anslo up for a can flip.

    2. Because Anslo, as stupid as he is, is clearly stupid enough to fall for that after you've broadcasted it on a public site that he regularly visits.

  9. It's nice to hear that you have chosen to visit Minmatar space! Note to vacationers: if Abudban is empty or pacified you might want to turn your attentions to Teonusude. It's 5 jumps from rens and is a small trading hub in itself with a single ice belt, which is often filled to the rafters with rebellious miners.

    -Johnny Aideron

  10. Crab People? What does this Crab people mean?

    - A currently nullsec locked agent


      Also, good luck in Abudban!

    2. They are sworn enemies of the SPACE LOBSTERS!

    3. I really recommend you read some of the blog posts on this site. You might learn some other useful stuff too :P

      And I think Largefish10 meant SPACE LOBBYISTS!


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