Saturday, November 3, 2012

Bumping Away YouTube

I received an EVEmail from Agent enterprisePSI, an enthusiastic bumper of the New Order. He has created a YouTube video of some of his bumping exploits in Brapelille, an ice field system in Gallente highsec.

I'm not certain, but it looks like enterprisePSI is using a Brutix with a 10mn MWD. Many bumps are to be had!

Here's the video link: Bumping Away

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  1. My lord, here is the complete fit of the starship , at your disposal.

  2. Because of this I have decided to try using a harbinger. It is suprisingly effective (although I still do prefer my Navy Omen). A Harby at 966 m/s can make for some fun.

    ~Murk Paradox

  3. 100MN on his Brutix (@00:00:41). :)

  4. Is it accurate to say that you are an aficionado of YouTube? On the off chance that you appreciate observing free recordings on the web, from various diverse classifications, you might be a gigantic fanatic of YouTube.

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